Walking Away & Identifying Problems

I’ve been into the occult for 10-15 years, and not unlike many here, little success (or in my case, none) has been achieved. What convinced me to sign up here was seeing DarkestKnight’s post from a few years ago about giving up. Hello to you. I too am in the same boat, my friend.

Over the years I’ve tried just about everything to narrow down the issue(s) but I haven’t quite pinpointed what’s preventing my will from manifesting via magick. I do have one idea, and it was told to me by a renowned astrologer that I spoke with, but I’m uncertain if what he said was accurate. I think I’d rather keep that private for now.

Years back I met a nice fellow who was pretty adept. He was so kind as to offer to send a spirit over my way and do his workings to help me progress and figure out what was going on. Unfortunately we lost touch before that could happen, and that’s when I began a years-long break.

I’m back now, as frustrating as it is. It seems crazy to keep repeating these patterns, but I feel I’m too far into it to give up completely, so hopefully something works out soon.

PS: I’m not someone that puts much stock in temporarily suspending disbelief, not lusting after a result, and especially the view of it’s all psychological and in your head. If people like Dr. Stephen Skinner can do what he does without any of that, I’ll take his word for it. I believe it’s external.


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Get the gallery of magick books. I recommend 72 angels of magick at first. Find the angel that can deliver you an answer in your dream. Pick something youve always wanted to know. You’ll get your answer and that will open up a door for your belief system

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Funny you say this because I once did a candle/dream spell to have the problem revealed to me in a dream. Or maybe it was about a life problem? I don’t remember. I did indeed have a dream, but all I could make from that dream was confront your problems head on. That’s what I was trying to do in the first place, so the actual issue still eludes me. I will check out the recommendations, thanks.