Gallery of Magick books: can I find better?

I recently came back from a long break from magick. I detailed it a bit in this thead: Walking Away & Identifying Problems

I was recommended the GoM books, and after a quick look and reading reviews, it’s very NAP-ish. If there’s one thing I’ve tried the most in my practice, it’s NAP. And thus it has lead to more failures than everything else combined. So at this point I’m not sure a GoM book is a good one for me to start with again.

I’m still in the process of narrowing down the problems that could be standing in my way of seeing any success. Over the years I’ve gained experience with basic NAP-like ceremonial stuff, astrology, candle magick, basic sigil/chaos magick, a few other things, and I really don’t want to spend the next 6 months going in circles again.

Any advice or recommendations?

The only GoM book that even resembles NAP is Damon Brand’s Magical Cashbook. Most of the other books use unique sigils created specifically by the Gallery. They’re not found anywhere else.

It should be noted that NAP is a very watered down and oversimplified system of Kabbalisitic magick, so you will find similarities in any book or course that uses the Western Kabbalah, like the Golden Dawn, and the Gallery.


Def run with the Gallery. Go to their site read the FAQ’s, what each book is about etc. Then choose the one you think suits you. You’ll like start buying a bunch of because they read great, and are easy enough to work.


The gallery is without a doubt the single best place to learn magick from for any beginner who wants tangible real world results. Specifically Adam’s book on Chaos will make sense of all of this. I’m flabbergasted our own section on Chaos Magick isn’t huge here. All my posts are rooted in it.

If you aren’t digging it for whatever reason I’d point you to Advanced Magick for Beginners by Alan Chapman. Same message, different spin and a lot more redundant to drill the point home in case it was overlooked.

All magick runs on the same engine. Dress it up however you like it will all work with the same principles. EA has his way of explaining it (same message again spun differently.) Though “knowing it” and really experiencing it are completely different.

I could say “Subjective synthesis and preparatory immersion!” all day long but until you find a current that really clicks with you it’s all going to be that way.

NAP has some damn powerful entities in it and the Gallery’s systems puts them on steroids. You can still shut it down all the same however without the right frameworks. Get a basic sigil to work from the right perspective and then apply it to everything else. It all works, the only need for anything else is like switching programming languages. Sure you could use sigils for everything and everything but get a Servitor to do it over and over and it’s like automating a process so you don’t have to keep running the code manually.

Have you gotten a result from anything yet? That’s an important moment to experience. Once you’re there I can help you find your “coding style” for the rest of this stuff. It gets addictive, I wouldn’t play Skyrim without mods and life without Magick would be much the same. Let’s make you a developer :metal:


Adams chaos book is one of the best I’ve read. So freaking easy.

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I would also recommend Henry Archer’s The Magick of Angels and Demons. It has a very very wide array of powers as it has both the 72 Goetia demons and the 72 Shem angels, and a very simple ritual to work with them.


Didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted this. I’m working from one of the books mentioned here. Takes 11 days though so we’ll see how it goes. Really ready to get myself immersed in this.


How did yours go?