Walk to my gym ok?

Can I walk to my gym it’s like 30 mins away , will it impact and sap my energy away without me knowing while lifting weights?? I asked some spirits but I wouldn’t get reply yet
And I can’t take bus

I don’t understand the problem


I think walking might sap away my energy while I’m lifting weights

I don’t know, I don’t go to the gym, but maybe summon Thor to help you with energy while doing physical fitness


Okay ty

IMO it doesn’t matter what activity you do as long as you maintain your energy on a regular basis,
Also I feel your energy is your responsibility and as much as you can ask for assistance for a boost the foundation need to be there and you will need to maintain any assistance you are given.

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If a half hour walk is zapping your energy then you need to do more cardio on top of the weight lifting.



I don’t want my energy zapped I’m just trying to find out if my muscle gains would be fine even when walking 30 mins before lifts but yeah

yes, walking won’t sap your energy it’ll actually benefit you in the end. Your metabolism is increased a bit which means more gains for you, try not to overthink things

Ok coz sometimes I’m ultra paranoid about things , thx anyway

I’ve had it recommended by a gym trainer to get an aerobics workout in (I run) before the weights. But that’s because I had long distance goals and I want to run, where doing the hour of weights first would reduce my energy for my run. It’s acts as a great warm up as well.

Depends if you want to develop more muscle or not. If you want gains, you should maximise the weight to list as heavy as possible, and avoid tiring out the muscles you want to train. But with walking that’s only your legs and back, and those are very strong compared to the rest already.

Having said that walking a half hour shouldn’t tire you out enough to worry. If it does, I think you’ll get fitter faster doing both until it’s a breeze. Go for it!

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Yeah dude I agree don’t over think this. 30 minutes of brisk walking isn’t going to hurt strength training.

Walking is great as both a warm up and a cool down. When I lifted regularly, I’d walk to and from the gym all the time. It’s a natural motion and gets everything lubed up for the heavier exercise of lifting. When you’re done, a walk home helps you to relax and can aid in reducing post exercise soreness, even on leg day, in my experience.

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It shouldn’t really unless you eat like shit