Wait so...what's the difference between Evoking & Invok?

So like I noticed in Asenath Mason’s book Qliphothic Invocation Evocation there’s alot of invocations in it…but isn’t Invocation when you invite a spirit inside of you? But would you only do that if you already know the spirit from doing Evokations of them?

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There’s a lot of threads on this to give you an idea:

In - invoke (some say its mild possession, channeling, automatic writing, etc) = draw in
out - evoke (though I’ve heard of evoke as provoke aka “I evoked his anger as I flipped him off.”) = place outward?

Of course there are actual definitions and probably some good videos on it too.


Invoke=to bring into you

Evoke= to summon in front or around you.


Invoking the essence or some of the revealed powers in a spirits being is pretty useful. I know some really think its full blown possession (and maybe that’s a case in some instances like you’re about to get hit by a car… blank out and find yourself in the bushes unhurt or the musican who just totally blanks out and rips a jam session that’s unbelievable , etc)

Evoking is sort of see as either a summon of the spirit or a connection via a mirror, crystal, pool like a telephone. That’s just how I see it though.


This is confusing for good reason; people differentiate evocation from invocation in two different ways;

The older distinction and the one I use is that invocation is a petition or call to an entity to manifest in the magician’s space of their own free will, where an evocation binds the entity to your will and command.

Other and typically more contemporary minded occultists simply call channeling invocation and summoning an entity outside of oneself evocation regardless of whether the spirit is bound or not.


@anon48079295 oh I thought so. Thanks.

@Caduceus damn dude… From me what you’re describing invoking seems fucking intense as fuck

@Dusk I think I know what your saying…so evokation is like a command to manifest but Invocation is like a request to manifest right?

Caduceus Thanks! I’ll be sure to check it out!

Pretty much, yep.

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I never agreed with the ability to force an entity to appear. You can constantly call and nag them but they’ll always have free will to show up or not.

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@Dusk gotcha thanks for the clarification!

Heh. Whether you agree with the practice or not, is doable, can confirm. There are hazards obviously ; almost no one likes being stuffed in a cage and bossed around. But just about anyone can be, too.

I mean I can view that the being simply comes on its own accord and the magician thinks they forced it. However, from there they can bind it if they’re skilled enough. Although, I’ve met many magicians who think they can bind any and every entity easily.

There are people on this forum who say that it is a law that spirits must come when an
incarnated being calls them.
I don’t believe it either


Ain’t nothing easy about it. There are historical accounts of renaissance magicians and their assistants staying awake in the protection circle blasting rod in hand for three days straight in order to get a binding done. But again, they did get it done.

Yeah to me that’s just a bunch of magicians tryharding with thoughtforms. There’s no universal law that states such tbh.

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Incarnation’s got nothing to do with it. Binding is acheivable via the hermetic principle of mentalism coupled with the magician’s strength of will, same as any other magic.

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Can you bind anything?

Anything you know the true name of and can out-will, you can bind.

Doesn’t mean you SHOULD just bind anything, obviously. Spirits like people aren’t tremendous fans of being told what to do all the time and they’ll very often get payback if and when they can.