Evoke vs Invoke and why

In what instance would you evoke, and in what instance would you invoke? What are the difference between the two? Do you prefer one over the other or they’re just different

Evocation: the summoning of spirits to materialization outside of yourself.

Invocation: the summoning of spirits and forces inside yourself in order to assume their powers and abilities.

Example: Summoning Lukorst to appear before you to task with bringing a certain amount of money is Evocation.

Calling upon the powers of Jupiter to help you feel wealthy is Invocation



Just had to put that out there :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you sure? like 100% :thinking:

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The same guy that started mainstream monotheistic religions and had many witches burned in his name?
The guy that Kicked the Old gods from the planet?

I’m not saying this to insult you by any means I’m just saying contemplate an idea or thought before accepting it as a truth.

I’ve always wondered how long does it last?

There’s a difference between using YHVH as a name belonging to the Source, to the God within, and using it as a name of the desert troll.

Angels serve God - the God within each one of us.


My understanding is it varies, depending on the magician. The more you do it, the more the forces become a part of you. Most invocations (of forces) are done daily, like the Invocation of Jupiter, given by Jason Miller in his book Financial Sorcery, or Lady Eva’s Invocation of Divinity.

If you are invoking an actual spirit, then it is usually done once, with a finite time frame, at the end of which the spirit is dismissed. Godforms, like Odin, or Aphrodite are generally invoked rather than evoked.


These are entities that I’ll be working with on a regular basis. I’ll be invoking them almost daily.

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Imo, makes no sense to think that demons and other entities are “scared” of YHVH. It’s the same to say that “God” is more powerful, holy and whatnot, than LHP spirits. Therefore, same shit as being a christian dumb fuck lol


I invoke entities I trust and evoke entities I don’t, excepting familiar spirits who trust me and who I bind for the convenience of summoning and commanding fast.

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Fuck that sadistic xtian god lol. Had to put it out there too haha

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This is my opinion and way of doing things. I really do believe that the dark gods should never be forced, coerced or threatened by the names of the xtian god or disrespected in any way. Such treatment of the dark gods can be dangerous. I feel if they are treated with respect, chances are they will return your cordiality.