Evoke vs Invoke

This has been bothering me, so I am making an entire thread about it for myself.

Evoke means to draw forth or to call something to mind and usually applies to feelings and memories. It starts with an “E” and is Effortless because it is less purposefully active. Invoke has a few different meanings such as to call on, to appeal to, and to call for.”




  1. cite or appeal to (someone or something) as an authority for an action or in support of an argument.

“the antiquated defense of insanity is rarely invoked today”

synonyms: cite, refer to, adduce, instance;More

  • call on (a deity or spirit) in prayer, as a witness, or for inspiration.

synonyms: appeal to, pray to, call on, supplicate, entreat, solicit, beg, implore;

literary beseech

“I invoked the Madonna”

  • call earnestly for.

“she invoked his help against this attack”




bring or recall to the conscious mind.

“the sight of American asters evokes pleasant memories of childhood”

synonyms: bring to mind, put one in mind of, conjure up, summon (up), invoke, elicit, induce, kindle, stimulate, stir up, awaken, arouse, call forth;


…And how can we help you with that?

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I don’t think the nuances in occult definitions are well represented in muggle land, and different magicians use the words slightly differently sometimes. Invoke has two meanings for example - I use one that means mild possession, Connolly (as I was informed right here on BALG) uses it more like the way I think ‘evoke’ works - the pages from her book were posted, so if you search you might find it.

I think, if you worry less about definitions left-brain style and just keep practicing, you’ll have a right-brained experiential understanding that will be superior to the 2nd hand info in books.

Also, don’t see what this has to do with Divination, but you said this was just a note to self sort of thing, so moving to Journals category.


Don’t assume anything with someone’s personal practices. You don’t know I am drawing from 50 timelines, 100 past lives, and 10 dimensions at once.

I NEED, and it is a MUST, for myself to use the tools, energies and definitions that this is in use in the present place I am currently occupying.

I don’t separate anything from life into my spiritual side. Everything is connected, and the tighter those ties are made, the better one’s magic is.

I use mainstream tools like pop music to help ground myself with, and cast spells with it, because their is a huge amount of untapped energy in it.

I have vamped entire roads before, pulling that type of energy isn’t for the faint of heart. I have done buildings too. I have plans for towns, cities and states in the future.

Honestly, this copy of Earth is in real trouble. The maintance crew needs to be fired, immediately. If anyone cared, you all should casting stable spells and shit like that. The gatekeepers already know this copy is going to fail. Time here is beyond fucked up. Everything here is set on Titanic mode.

I think “evoke” is to cause a spirit or demon to appear - in the incense smoke or the temple space to visible or some other form of substantial appearance, whereas invoking is to invite the spirit or demon to possess you. Given that sometimes I smell incense through the computer screen, or a strawberry when someone talks about them, I tend to be prone to doubts about my evocations just being the result of a projection of my mind, whereas invoking leaves me without a shred of doubt. The amazing feeling the of the spirit or demon in my energy field is palpable when they answer my call. They either leave when the purpose of invoking them is done, they might linger, or they might hang out for awhile. Either way it’s way easier to call them next time.


Supernovas, galaxies colliding, planetary object striking each other; are those fail? In an infinite I don’t get overly attached to a point. And like a virus more will instantly sprout anyways.

As to topic I always say invoke to draw in, evoke to place forth.

In could be in self body, mind, spirit, vibration, etc etc.

Place forth could be in another vessel, a spot, etc,

I had thought of evoke as placing self in something else but that’s probably just projection.


I don’t have a problem with your gnosis, experiences, and collection of knowledge that is part of your paradigm. I’ve always said comparison between one to another is a faulty concept for the lone wolves.

I don’t disagree on the world being in serious trouble. I go by accounts of nature. Oxygen levels in water, purity of the air, insect count being way down, taste of fruits n veggies, animals dying to extinction, amongst other things. Man hasn’t grown up much to take responsibility of caretaking. So perhaps this Nacelle of Terra #??? Is a bad seed in that extent.

You continue to journal as you see fit. I’ve come to the conclusion individual paradigms are valid unto themselves as anything and everything is a possibility. Life or existence often clashes and grows from pain and change. But I’m a lone rodeo cowboy here. I never existed before until this life so eh…

Lets make something clear here…

This is a forum, not a notepad.
@Mulberry was kind enough to move your post from Divination to Journals, even though you never stated it is your journal, tried to initiate a conversation and in return you got triggered (again!) and attacked him, saying how he’s assuming things and talking (yes, again!) about your past lives just because he told you not to bother much about the definition (invocation/evocation) since practitioners have different meanings based on their system.

You’re not the only one with past lives, just to make this clear… So no, sorry, you’re not special. It’s great that you want to share glimpses of your past lives and the way you write is very interesting (I enjoyed your post on E.A.'s section) but going around preaching how this earth is fake, the end is coming yada yada yada and then get triggered because people disagree with you it’s by far the wrong way to do it.
Realise that this is your truth that probably some other’s might also share. That doesn’t make it a universal truth…

YOUR thread about what? There is NO topic here. It’s clearly a note you wrote here for YOURSELF as you said, using the forum as a notepad. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the same as writting here a recipe for lasagna…


I invoke and evoke the spirit of chill and constructive dialogue in this topic from this point forward please, EVERYONE.



How may i serve you,
Lady Eva?

  • Spirit of Chill and constructive Dialogue

Greetings all, I am still learning. So this is more of a statement of the bits I have learned and questions regarding putting this all together.
Invocation to me can be your purposeful focus on an entity. Maybe your immersion phase, or preparation period prior to and evocation ritual. Like a crescendo, the build up. Being “filled with the spirit” (possession), Absorbing the entity’s power or flowing with that power.
Evocation to me seems to be more of the work, the physical. Using the power you have tapped into by invoking that entity to do create change in your world. We know to do this via ritual to activate the power and give it purposeful direction.
My question is, how can I use the powers without asking the entities to do the work for me? How can I be self sufficient if I am not omnipotent enough yet to bring them out or in? I am having difficulty receiving or discerning things in meditations. But I am probably not setting things up right enough. or my brain is too scatterbrained. So i guess I just need to still practice and grow. IDK.

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