I read “The Spider and The Green Butterfly” and and reading “Baneful Magick” now.

Is it necessary to give yourself over to the forces or entities?

In the first book I mention it talks about how they either accept you or reject you. If they reject you, they make your life Hell it seems like.

Also can I do any ritual without an animal sacrifice?


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Depends on if you are practicing the religion or operating independently to- an extent, however the answer is no.


What about buying animal blood as an offering, would they accept that?

I would not be practicing it as a religion.

I have pets and just don’t think I could buy an animal to sacrifice it, I would end up keeping it as a pet. Lol

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It’s going to depends on you and them. I’ve honestly never offered blood to the Loa or anything else for that matter. I use blood sometimes for brokering deals but I don’t do offerings generally speaking. I’ve done some recently with what I am working on, but it’s all been within the last month or so I’ve used it as an offering and not flat out as payment.


One is the religion while the other is the folk magick aspect. The magick aspect doesn’t require any kind of dedication to its Gods and spirits.


Yeah, so, what @Keteriya said; you can ask. Start with Papa Legba, he will advise you. If he comes; they can be intractable, but I like him a lot all the same.

I said I would not work with the Loa unless they approached me, and a few months later he did. I am very circumspect about who I deal with, this is MY world and I will not concede on my principles, these are part of my power, and I’m not bending he knee to a entity that wants anything I don’t want to give, doesn’t matter what or who it is. I pretty much just stick to Papa Legba and the Baron

I’ve also explained on this forum that the Earths changing energy into the Age of Aquarius all but invalidates animal death as a “sacrifice” - it’s merely a blood offering because in 5D you no longer have the right to sacrifice another being. The energy is much reduced and my feeling is, it messes up spells that rely on that.

Ok, drop from Papa Legba (untested by me, just honouring the contact…)
There are ways to piggyback on serendipitous death to divert the energy to the Loa for use. But, if you go that route, the Loa can start having things killed in front of you so you do that.
Back to me: yay, that means they’ll manipulate you, if you start that, see, they’re tricksy!

So, that doesn’t stop entities loving and wanting to feed on the pain, fear and blood. Which is where it is still valid as an offering.

So the question becomes, what else can you negotiate with them to get the work done? You’ll have to ask, but let Papa Legba guide you and tell him your asks, if he thinks you’ll offend, he just won’t introduce you and save you both the trouble. Unless you make him mad.

If they won’t accept anything else, then you have to make the choice to bend your will to theirs, (which I think is soft as shit, since they need you more than you need them) or tell them “no thanks” and get what you want done another way - which is always possible for a human. The ones that are that way inclined usually laugh at me for that, which is fine I don’t care, no deal, here’s thousands of others that want to chat.


I think you have it mixed up. In the book it states that if YOU turn your back on them they could make your life difficult but honestly I walked away from legba because I find him and I do not agree.
I’m agreeing with @Mulberry in the sense that THEY NEED YOU and not the other way around. For sacrafices for power and general “battery charging”.

Personally I walked away and swing back to demons because I’m upholding a much more beneficial spirit human relationship then the LOA.

Don’t get me wrong they are great but Legba seems to be a bit needy sometimes. He interfered with my relationship with baron samedi and baron LaCroix

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None of the Loa need you nor do you need them. Most practitioners are so insanely average that it is seen among thousands of others. Let alone they have a whole other plane of individuals who would work or interact with them so the idea that they need you is silly in the least. The Loa just like any group of Gods don’t need any of you lol.

Whether they choose to help you or you choose to seek help from them it’s a two way consensual decision.


I was told by someone you can take a picture of someone and offer them to a Demon as a sacrifice. I wonder if that’s the same with Voodoo/Hoodoo.

The person offered a human trafficker to Suhn’Tal’Ock via a picture. That’s what he told me anyway.

You can’t really offer an individual as a sacrifice against their will in that way.

I was told there is no free will and people just want to believe there is. I have no idea if that’s true or not.

Yikes whoever taught that is very misleading if not downright wrong.

I wasn’t sure.

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