Voodoo books

What is the most practical voodoo book or a practical book on African spirits available online. I need recommendations.

Most are not practical and you read without any better understanding.

Some of the grimoires of Asha Shedim might interest you.

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I really like the book β€œRootwork, Conjures, Magick and Wonders” by Edward Morrow/Papa Smoke.
It has an extensive section on each Lwa with detailed advice on contacting them, their temperaments and how to work with them. It also contains a bunch of other types of spells, clearings and enchantments, as well as basic advice that makes it accessible for newbies to understand - no blinds, no bs.

You can get it self-published on Lulu and it was worth every penny, imo, I bought it because he’s a friend who I hired for a successful working, but it turned me on to the Lwa where I’d pretty much dismissed them out of hand before.