Voodoo Altar and the Bedroom

Hi focks coming back from a long hiatus, I bought the book spider and the green butterfly 2 edition and video course and Eger to practice, but while reading the book I stumbled on a problem, in Chapter 2 making way for the spirits , it is highly advised to erect the voodoo Altar in a sperate room from were you sleep, I only have a bedroom I don’t have my own place has yet how can I practice in my bedroom without negative side effects, like spirit’s feeding of me, paralysis , nightmare, illness etc .?

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You could try putting the altar is a circle of protection to keep it contained. If it were in another room I’d do this anyway to the room, by placing a ward over the lintel of the door.

You can make the circle of protection with energy so it’s very stealth and no-one knows it’s there but you and the spirits it’s in use for.


This very good advice for those of us who have limited space and live in small apartments. Whether you have a Voodoo/Voudon altar or other type of altar.

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