Void meditation... Heard something

Hey all,

I just figured I’d write something down that just happened not even a minute ago.

So I was going through the void meditation that the wonderful @AdamThoth created and I focused my mind on listening.

Out of the abyss I heard what sounded like hissing form into a word that sounded like either “Sand” or “Son”. I continued listening to which I received this message “I am the serpent that seduces all men and devours all. I speak to you, though you are not worthy of being in my realm” or something very similar. All the while I saw smoke form into a viper swirling around where my arms were once held. My arms felt tight and got very cold. I also got the sense that I really shouldn’t be there and snapped myself out of it.

On a side note, any ideas as to what it was?



Update, the incense I lit is now pouring smoke over my face and I keep seeing snake like patterns in it.

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What the meditation? How do u do it?

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Sounds like something connected to Ahriman and the serpent force of mankind? Do a search in Kurtis Joseph’s posts and that section for the term “serpent.”

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I dont see anything under that… My Norse friend is convinced its Jormüngandr… My first thought was Satan or Lucifer… But I’m not sure

This is one post with what I was trying to say:

That which is without is that which is within… :wink:

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I reckon it’s Satan personally

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Well, not sure what to think about this… @Verdo

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yea this whole thing sounded like @ashtkerr s experience encountering satan while meditating. he went by many names for him as well

btw ashtkerr…if you’re reading this…im curious to know if you’ve continued to work with satan and if he held up his end of the bargain so far of making you into a God…and what your service to him has entailed


Enlightening… Thank you kindly