Void Hand imbuement for maximized Magical Potency_MCU Ancient Sorc Supreme Signature move

Oh I get you. I have heard this before somewhere… so If I connect with Merlin tales and avalon also say the loch tales that is just as real even though the message of not real has been reinforced in my field of reality. So if connecting to some aspect of a personality & or story line… its really a matter of chosrn will ans focus… like contacting goetia and soul travel. I think that im incapable of making true contact abd I start to think im not good enough or that its not real when in fact reality can be subjective to your Will your desire your belief (or knowing)
Two years ago I didn’t know Belial exusted but heard of him through EA & here saw sigils and decided if hes real he’ll make contact easy.
So are both accurateone exists on tge outside of reality and the other part of creating our reality. Or both are both and none and im talking myself into my feet and chewing my toes


You can run circles around yourself trying to figure it out. Somethings you don’t need to understand how or why they are only how to safely turn them to your advantage. You don’t need to understand every detail about how and why your phone or computer work to do amazing things with them. Paradox seems to be a large of reality and getting along with it is important.


Yes so I see. :sweat_smile: point well taken.
Thanks for answering my questions


Look Morgana,
the easiest approach,
and i’m not kidding here,
i mean every word that’s about to come as completely serious:

Connect to Morgana in those stories you want to connect to.

See her,
as a previous life,
or a secoundary body.

In fact,
possess Morgana through the page of paper you’re looking at,
or the TV screen you’re having in front of you,
like you’d normally evoke a being,
except you push yourself into it.

So you evoke yourself,
to them,
not them to you.

You’ll start having either wakeful visions of the enviorment and conversations there,
or vivid dreams about it,
where you’re basically downloaded information from your travels and expieriences,
a little bit like in matrix, when they simply inject knowledge about something,
from outside the matrix,
into the person working inside,
for a specific problem.
(Trinity - can you fly that helicopter? Link, i need a manual on this.
Upload - rapid blinking eye movement on trinity - okay, now i can handle that.)

The given example is especially suited to work for you,
since you’re known to us under the name “morgana” already,
you should have rather easy access to hijacking her in the media material you can work with.

But even if it wouldn’t line up,
you could still assume temporarely,
to be a guide to a character in the story,
or simply create a comic / Tale version of yourself,
and inject it into the story.

As a result,
you’ll have a slight to medium fragmentation of your memory.

That’s normal.

Your subconcious normally needs a few hours or days,
to structure the expieriences and memories,
that were created outside of your current life expierience,
and integrate them.

Once that’s integrated,
your access towards the fictional plane you projected towards,
is increased,
by the certainty of having been there before.

But also,
you start to access more and more of it,
as normal “memory” for yourself.

In case that’s to impactful for you,
you can still filter it through a mirror.




Thank you @Yberion. Think I can do it… its deep connection for me already . I have tagged so i can print out later. Dark Blessings Yberioth


Actually had to remove this from the more public area’s
since i realized i had revealed to much of the actual mechanisms how it works. :wink:


I just can’t help myself,
but thinking of Iron man,
as i watched that one on.

The core technology,
that one thing that got all his engines going,
was him producing that Arc-Reactor Core “Battery”,
and to be quite frank,
this kind of haves a feel,
of what a real life version of it looks like to me.

I mean,
don’t get me wrong,
i have a bit of understanding of chemical Battery mechanisms aswell,
but this is just visibly pleasing to watch. :wink:

Honor to Iron Man there.

Rest in peace,
Tony Stark.

(Which by the way,
was the only Mortal Human,
In MCU - Well, the Movie Streak we got on Cinemas,
which successfully used the Infinity Stones,
and therefore can be considered a God,
as he’s used the God-Power. xD )

But i know,
I’m starting to get a little bit Off-Topic here.


MIT isn’t developing it,
they already lack behind. :wink:
As proven by the previous videos.

But still,

And again,
we Magy know more,
then the public will ever dare to know!

Oh by the way,
here’s the real principles behind repulsion technology. :stuck_out_tongue:



Taken from Originally posted here:


Ok. Confounded I’ve never bothered with shows like that i guess my affinity has always been Myrrdyn / Emrys I know thats a title like any deific mask. Morgana obviously close to me I have considered myself to have dae connections and when I was seeking my name i was pushed back by the power emanating from the flames -ones i encouraged with herbds and pure alcohol. The name Morgana came into me. I knew it was me ir an aspect of me.
I have long considered movies and stories are what we express & write of as a form of ancient memory and our historic memories and archaeological timescapes to be skewered its like ots history put together in our collective memories as if it were real when it has never been so…

I have been submerging myself in developing my abilities which sometimes sleep but i have all 3 audience voyance smell feel… and sometimes it feels like I have none but that i think is when im closing myself down…
I have been spending time going as c deep as I currently dare evoking what used to fear me and shedding that in this ever emerging alchemy of self. And reuniting myself with myself access all and become all to being the higher Being and live as my choice either stay here or return at my leisure. But I will never be recycled or submerged but my goddess self.


Good point,
i think you intended to post that on a different topic we’ve been discussing in.

i got it,
including the references.



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Yes ooops. My eyes play tricks im used to it. Sending you updated pm mow just did the evocation.

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Thank you.

I’ll keep up to the last section i’ve been posting about,

while the last ones have been more for entertaining purposes and smoothing out my mind again,
the latest one does yield value to my inital question.

In how it explains the distribution of extended power.

Reminds me of the movie where i learned about the concept of translucent (/quantum flux) State. xD

In that sense,
it does make sense you came over here,
so i can thank you,
Morgana. :blush:

Thank you,
for teaching me,
how to transform into a state of constant flux,
which isn’t bound by timeline of physical matter anymore. :smile:



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So indeed,
the Timestamp 0:05 prooves:

She does cast a Shock
(specifically a Chi Ball exploding right into him,
right at the moment she hits his body),
along with a turn of the Casting hand itself.

And again,
she uses the other Hand,
actively Pulling away the Other Sphere of existence,
indeed precisely seperating the two spheres.

The Impact hand,
does turn Clockwise,
and we should also recognize the fact,
that she’s Utulizing her left hand,
the hand of absorbtion,
for that.
While the right hand,
pulls away his physical body,
and allows his physical body to gently collapse down into unconcious - black out - state.

Going down into Slomo,
0,25% of original framerate,
you can witness at timestamp 0:01-0:02,
How she doesn’t just block his incoming move,
with her right hand (the one later pulled back down,
along with his body),
but also absorbs a part of his Energy.
So in fact,
the Ancient does perform a transmutation there,
taking in his Energy,
and directing it back into him,
but with reversed polarity,
as the Energy is being changed in her body.

Specifically she utulizes the middle finger,
on Ki point 52 and 50 in the following chart:


Which in that case,
is explained to be Uterus,
and Diabetes points.

Theoretically it could be 48, Pidney aswell.

However, that part of the move is covered,
and also extremely short.

So it’s hard to confirm exactly.

according to the length and reach of her fingers,
it should actually go for the 48, Pidneys.

Further assuming,
that the Chart i just used is really bad in terms of readability,
the correct term would be Kidneys (German Nieren).

however, would start to make huge sense again.

The Kidneys are in fact a weak spot of the Human Body.

Since they preside over Fluids in the body,
and filtering the blood of toxines (together with the liver),
it’d make sense,
for them to be utulized in seperating the Soul from the Body.

since the opposate state,
the inferi immorti is created by extremely instensifying the connection between body and soul,
and utulizes the manipulation of blood,
for establishing a double bound link,
between body and soul,
in a sense “trapping” the soul into the vessle,
it just seems reasonable,
that she’s utulizing the very same access point,
to seperate soul and body from each other.

However, that means she’s conducting and Energy,
that neutralizes the natrual binding of the blood.

that’s actually material we can work with.

actually provides the basis for constructing a Spell,
a power word,
aimed at creating that seperation,
by inhibiting the binding quality of Blood.




Well done ol’boy




I really want to make this work to be honest. Not only that, I do want us to achieve physical magic abilities, since we may need to protect ourselves (sooner or later). I’ve been informed by spirits that it’s actually possible, however they don’t really disclose that matter with mortals that much, other than some “blind clues” they may give.


yepp exactly.

Even the spirits,
are reluctant to teach this technique.

And i know a few of them could teach it in minutes.

I think it is part of Psysis Chi-Fighting and already in place,
but just very few practitioners capable of pulling it off.




All these things are already in place, all we need to do is to actually remember them and master them once again.


So, Quasars are Magnetic fields of Vast Power,
eating away the Planets they reach,
like Galaktus.

that Impulse,
that shoots out of the Pole of an Quasar,
could be copied for the punch,
but i guess we have death punch then.

Without revive,
not so good. xD


Okay, so here’s a concept / Sigil of it.

this is more like a hand Gate,

for pulling and pushing Energy.


It’s amplifying all Energy that goes through it.

And energyzing the circets of the hand for improved casting.

But sure,

a hand filled with that energy,
propably hits hard too. :wink:

-Left hand,
hand of Death Version.

Thank you,
to all whom contributed to this.

Please feel free,
to copy and create your own version,
ideally of your own personal Sigils.





Official Note:

The Sigil i just posted,
in shape of a Hand,
is the achieved end Result.

feel free to copy and create your own.

the ideal version,
is to have the left hand imbued with death energy,
and the right hand imbued with healing energy,
keeping in line with their natrual attributes.

I however, prefer binding them to the opposite hands.

Right being death,
left being healing.

That’s a very selfish set up.

But it automatically cleanses all energies you touch,
due to being opposite spectrum,
the energies build more conduction also.


That does make it harder to wield.




@Yberion Wait, we already have a concept for that! Check out, Amakusa Shiro Tokisada from Fate/Apocrypha. He can use white (healing) magic from one hand and dark magic on the other hand. But it’s more like the energy concepts you just said instead of the concepts found in other media.

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i analyzed the technique of a fictional character,
and it brought me back to already known material.

Good point.