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I have read about half of E.A Keotting’s book Become a Living God: Real Magick. Real Results and it has surprised me with the depth of knowledge it imparts to the practitioner, especially as the book is really a introductory text to the ideas and methods detailed in other volumes. I even purchased what I consider an overpriced magick circle, partly as a way to support BALG and partly because it is a special item not easily found from other sources.

I think like many I was skeptical about E.A Keotting and his authenticity, clearly there are many who have smeared his name and most likely have launched sever magick against him. I will work the rituals and methods he provided and give my impressions. On my Instagram and Facebook accounts I will even provide video/pictures and impressions. I am still approaching the work as an open minded skeptic and will call out B.S and failure when it occurs.

Let me be clear, I am not skeptical about the entities or the power of the magick, my skepticism is whether or not BALG is a authentic order (may not be official but it has become an Order) or is it a sales platform.

From my many years of study and practice I can certainly see similarities between BALG resources and other sources, such as Chaos Magick, Crowley, OTO, etc. That in itself is not a bad thing. In fact I would applaud E.A Keotting for mainstreaming works that have not really been updated for 70 years.


Last night I followed the steps outlined in Real Magick Real Results for Soul Travel. I want to premise that I have many years of meditation and astral travel experience. All the same the results were pretty intense. It got to the point where my whole body was vibrating as if my soul was shaking loose trying to get out, my eyes were fluttering and I believe I achieved the Soul Travel a couple of times.

After opening my eyes a candle near me took on a detailed image. At first strands of fire were shooting out to all directions from the center, in a perfect circle. Almost like an eye with lightning shooting out in all directions. Eventually the eye became a tree or a cluster of roots, this time all sprouting down but there were dozens of branches. As I had evoked Babalon prior to the meditation I have no doubt it was her presence I was seeing in the flame.

Very interesting, I will keep an eye on your journal :grinning:

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On this night I finished Become a Living God Real Magick and Real Results. The book was a nice intro into the concepts that E.A Keotting teaches. Perhaps my favorite take away was his explanation of the Planes of Existence. Clearly he is describing the Qabalah Tree of Life and the descent of the Androgynous Man, or Adam Kadmon. But he details it in a modern way which will make a lot more sense to people who have not studied the Qabalah. In a sense Keotting gives the student all the information they “need” to Ascend, but the lacking context, pathworking, and further details are missing. Which of course why his books are advertised at the end.

I was going to start a study and working of the OAA material, but after discussing the matter with some knowledgeable and experienced people I have determined to hold off on that work until I have completed working through the Classics. So I will study and work through WoD first.

I did read some of the OAA book before changing course, and I read the Darkness Meditation. I decided to perform that meditation tonight and the following is a description to the best of my recollection of the key events.

I sat in a chair in front of my alter. The circle drawn and empowered, the Rite of Babalon performed. I closed my eyes and focused on exhaling any negative thoughts, fears, or doubts from my body. Visualizing as darkness being expelled from my lungs like flies drifting into the sky. This worked very well, in fact it was one of the fastest methods I have performed for completely relaxing and a side effect that any doubt or worry I had for the upcoming work was removed. Once cleared I just breathed and relaxed for a few minutes, then I pictured the room around me (for some reason most of my room was easily visible but I had to concentrate to see my alter) and I concentrated on the darkness. I pulled it toward me and enveloped my body with the darkness. A thought struck me from the back of my mind “What do you want, we are power, we have forbidden knowledge”, and to that I replied “forbidden by whom” and the voice/that was my thought/laughed. I felt I passed some test because I realized the ridiculousness of the concept of forbidden. Next the voice/thought said “all that you seek is before you, open your eyes NOW” and so I did. Before was my alter, a lit with candles and resting on the alter was my bone necklace, I had forgotten to put it on. A thought occurred to me, my necklace was made from Death and wearing it connected me to that realm. I honestly feel I failed to fully grasp what the thought was telling me, it laughed again, this time because I failed that particular test. The thought then said “stand and take your power and to prove your dedication burn yourself upon the candles”. I did both without hesitation, infact I stood and moved almost as if not of my own power though I know I was in fact in control. It was my True self guiding my actions faster then my conscious could. I placed my hands over the candle flames just long enough to feel a strong sting. I moved back to my chair where I then said to the thoughtform “I was willing to take pain to prove myself but do not expect me to be a slave to your whim.” Again I feel I passed a test though I wonder if refusing all together would have been even better. Maybe but that moment is gone and I showed my dedication and lack of fear. Upon sitting back down I noticed a very visible decrease in overall light in the room. This concluded the Darkness Meditation. One last note, when I performed the Soul Travel practice I saw myself shrouded in the darkness as it still clung to me. Later, after I opened my eyes (and I had performed the viewing the pendulum practice for a few minutes) I had a sense of elation and connection. I believe my first foray with contacting the powers of Darkness was successful. Though time will tell.

I read the first chapter of WoD and overall it was good. My one complaint is the constant usage of the word “Evil”. That just stinks of Christian mentality. Good and Evil are subjective as I believe most Magicians knows. The Darkness is not “Evil” it is Raw Power, that can be harnessed. Light and Darkness are just shades of the Source. Light tends to be more about Order and Peace, while Darkness is more about Chaos and Change/Destruction. But without change/movement, then life would cease and all would be empty coldness. I laugh each time he talked about Evil. Based on the book I know I would not qualify as a Sorcerer, I think I am more at the Initiate stage though I do not believe it will take me long to reach Sorcerer, I feel I am on the cusp and some serious work will push me over the edge.


Yeah, I agree with your reasoning of light and darkness, and good and evil.
In fact, I believe great havoc can be caused by both light and darkness.
It just depends on how the magician uses them.
Thanks for sharing your experience once again, might check the WoD book now!

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Ever since the working of last night my skin has been warm, not uncomfortable but very noticeable. Especially around my forearms. I will try to note when I no longer feel the warmth but it has been this way for the last 10 hours.


The heat left at some point without my notice. I just performed the Darkness meditation again and can feel the warmth returning.


Performed the daily work and decided to include Divination practice. Currently I use the Thoth deck but I have the Leviathan Oracle on the way and will probably work with that and the Thoth deck depending on what draws me at that time. The message was strong and clear:

“To ascend as a Demiurge (a god before the gates of the Abyss) I will find balance between opposing forces, but I am warned, take care for failure means great destruction.” I thought this was the end, but from the start of the reading my instinct was telling me to view the next card, that it would be the end result, and that card was the 9 of pentacles and the imagery combined with the rest of the reading clearly was indicating a successful outcome of mastering the forces of the universe and finding harmony in the source.

I read about the Double Cross from WoD, very interesting, though I found no reference anywhere else that it was use in Sumeria or anything about “Scorpion Cross”. I am curious what Koetting’s resource is for that knowledge.

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For some time, after I started working deeper with Babalon, I have heard children voices usually around the time I am about to fall asleep or just having fallen asleep.

This last week it has been much more manifested. The young girl’s voice is very clear and very near. I have a little girl so I keep sitting up fast looking around for her. Right now its just a light laugh.

I remembered that John Dee. John Dee and Kelly just mentioned her as an annoying spirit named Madimi that played pranks on them and caused overall mischief. That is the sense that I get, like she is purposefully waking me up because it is funny.

All the same, as annoying as it is, I take it as a good sign. Now I won’t be so annoyed. I thought it was just a random spirit messing with me which is just bothersome.

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Tonight was the first night I started questioning if I am prepared to move forward with this work. Two tarot readings in a row (from last night and this night) had almost all the same cards and very clear message. I will succeed, I will transform, I will Ascend, but it will come at great strife and a warning that focusing solely on this goal will bring disaster. I have found that I have been spending a lot of time on the Work lately. My life has not suffered yet, but I do need to re-focus on work more and home life more. There must be balance in all things or else I could slip into an extreme self destruction. As I received literally the same message twice in a row, I know the entity which guided the reading WANTS me to succeed in the Work, and knows that if I lose touch with life outside of the Work that I will fail in both.

I had some mental struggle with letting in the Darkness, part of me asked “is this really what I wanted? I want to perform demonology and necromancy to understand and not fear death and the darkness” so the answer came immediately, if I want to evoke demons and spirits then I must embrace and learn their world. Their world is no different then the one I perceive, it is always there, the illusion must be shattered.

I can feel the Work of the WoD already changing me in slight ways. For the better? Time will tell. Also at the end of the Darkness Meditation, a mental image of Abbadon standing behind me formed in my mind. It placed both hands upon my shoulders and then it’s wings wrapped around me. I have been feeling a connection to Abbadon for a while now, but I have not worked with It at all yet.

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I performed the final part of the Darkness Meditation with the three candles. I connected with the energy of all three colors and the associations are feeling locked in. I could see and feel the energy of the room being absorbed into the black candle, at times I visualized a black hole and tendrils of energy were being dragged into the black vortex.

For the Red Candle, I felt and saw the energy emanating out, I had to place a mental boundary at the edges of my Universal Circle so the energy would not escape and damage the technology in the room (this happens sometimes) and the energy then formed a sphere around the edges of the circle. The entire circle lit up and my body was engulfed with the energy.

Lastly, the Violet candle brought peace and balance. I existed within The Moment, no concerns, no needs for all was perfect. Om.

I played with some of the psychedelic experiences of the candle after images. This is something I will explore later. Rose Crowley mentioned the technique and I look forward to continuing it.

I find it odd how contradictory the first two chapters of WoD appear. The first chapter essentially plays into the stereotypes of the Hollywood black magician. You must commit evil and give yourself to evil etc. But then chapter two goes into the balance that the black magician is seeking, the currents of the black magick. Not evil, just Endless Change, Chaos. The hidden forces that surround us at al times, every action is their spirit, every word their evocation, time itself is Black Magick for it is the constant change.

After the meditation I performed a tarot reading about if I should perform a love attraction spell for a friend. My readings recently have been a custom spread, the first card is the “Theme” card. I told myself that if this reading was going to be properly about the love spell for a friend then the Theme card would probably be Lovers, sure enough the first card I drew from the Deck was Lovers. And all the cards after that dealt directly, and strongly, about Love and manifesting love. If I had any doubts left about Tarot (which I really didn’t) they are completely gone now. Three days in a row my readings have been exactly on point about the subject matter I was inquiring about.

Working through the WoD I am at the part of consecrating my Temple. I decided upon the following Oratory.

I excorcise thee, every unclearn spirit
In the name and power of Baphomet!
I order thee to depart this land
Wherefor I consecrate this Temple
In the names of the Ancient Ones
And the Powers of Darkness

Oh what an interesting day. Today was the day I decided to consecrate my temple officially to the powers of darkness. I will get to that for it was a powerful experience.

I have been working on a concept of a new Mystery Path / Occult Order. Part of this Order I will share now because it feels right to reveal it. The High Priest assumes the name and aspect of Samael and the High Priestess the name and aspect of Lilith during ceremonies. I have been contemplating the need of a Lilith priestess to be a part of my work. Now I know I am not ready to take on the Samael mantel, I am still at the Initiate/Priest stage. Regardless it has been on the back of my mind.

Today a woman contacted me because of something I wrote on this forum. I was very suspicious at first, as I always am when a stranger, let alone someone claiming to be a woman, randomly starts talking to me. But it was quickly evident that she was authentic and passionate about Occult and the entity that she most identifies with is Lilith, the entity she seeks to enter her life, Lucifer. She asked me to do a reading for her which I did tonight after consecrating my Temple (only fitting since I would be asking Lucifer or at least an entity close to Him for guidance during the reading). It was a powerful message with a not so surprising “future outcome” card of “The Devil”. I knew that card would be present, I assumed it would be the Theme but I was shown the error of my ways and the reading made complete sense and I channeled the message with clarity. I won’t give details, and weather or not the reading is accurate, time will tell.

So, onto the consecration of the Temple. I followed the steps outlined in WoD but before I performed the consecration I did the Darkness Meditation and this time the darkness immediately formed into a black dragon, or Leviathan. I got annoyed by this, I told it to change back to the mist or other aspect, after all how cliche that it would be a Leviathan. And while I could force the image back to mist for moments, the moment I released the focus it was back to the Leviathan, it flew and floated around me. Clearly it was not going to change, for it was I that was changing. I accepted this image and power without further hesitation and continued on the Work.

The energy flowed and at the end everything felt consecrated and FINAL. The work was Done, the Unholy Temple built and empowered. I recorded the entire thing but the lighting was terrible and would not be worth watching.

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Tonight was a significant night, I used my knowledge and experience, combined with the techniques in WoD to do a spell to attract love to my friend. He is a 35 year old virgin male who has never really had a girlfriend, let alone Love in his life. It was time to take matters into my hands, to nudge the Universe along and allow him to fulfill his hearts desire. This was not a spell to get him laid, which he could definitely use, but to bring him Love. I did not specify a person for I have no clue who his best partner would be. But the spirits do, the spirits know all for they exist everywhere in all time. The night was signficant because this was maybe the second time in my life I did a spell for another person, and this time it has nothing to do with me. All my spells I do for myself and my Will always manifest, usually very fast. But I want to eventually be able to do spell work for others as well.

During the prep time I really felt like the Magician on the Leviathon Oracle deck. I took on the dark powers, Abbadon assisted with the work, this was the first time I have worked with Him though he has appeared to me a few times. Our connection gets stronger but he is not officially my patron Demon/Guide for this work…yet. That time will come when I am prepared, but he told me he would assist me at this time. I also evoked several Goddesses known for love, Hecate for Magick and Mystery, and of course Babalon. I even evoked the cupids, can’t hurt to throw in angels of love in the Love spell.

I recorded the even and may upload it if I can fix it up enough. The quality will suck but I think it will show what a non-studio produced ritual can look like and it will show a bit about myself to those on BALG who are interested.

P.S after I was approached by Abbadon I definitely smelled a new smell in the room, a bit like fish though not at the same time. Honestly I don’t have experience with that smell before. And in my video the audio is completely gone for at least 15 seconds, I don’t mean silence, I mean the video kept going but the audio jumps forward by about 15 - 20 seconds for no apparent reason.

If anyone is interested to see a low quality video of the love spell here it is. Sorry no major demon calls or anything exciting, just a simple love attraction spell for a dear friend.


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The work from last night really took a toll on the video equipment. A lot of strange audio and video cuts. Everything seems working okay today. The energy build up felt like a pre-orgasm release build up, not as strong but the same sensation and damn near as strong. I guess I can’t be surprised by the type of energy I was feeling based on who I was evoking to power the spell! I had to be a lot more subdued and restricted due to my neighbors sharing a wall with me. Good overall experience, some unexpected surprises but in the moment of the Operation nothing is unexpected.

If you want to go really deep with the candle technique I mentioned, check out firekasina.org. I recommend carefully digesting all the written and audio material there. I also have an extended breakdown of how it works in the Compendium of Satan.

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It means a lot to me that you read my journal! And I will definitely look into that resource, thank you.

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Tonight was another night of exploration and development. I don’t know why but it seems that working with Darkness has increased my overall development faster then much of my “Light” side work has. While I have had some extremely powerful experiences with Thelema, Golden Dawn, and Wicca, the dark works are solidifying those experiences even more.

I will admit whenever I say “Powers of Darkness” I always chuckle a bit, it is a stigma I guess, because if I say Powers of Light I don’t feel awkward about that at all.

Today was a bit rough, I was exhausted by 4pm, but I had a very interesting conversation with Daughter of Lilith (a woman who I am talking to on Instagram but I will call her this here) and that conversation just shook something within me. I revealed to her parts about myself that I have not told anyone except my Wife. Not even my coven mates (never came up or else I would be honest with them, perfect love and perfect trust). I came out of that conversation energized.

I went into my Temple, I skipped the pre-lims because I had one goal, to project my energy to the Daughter of Lilith. I set up my circle, I took my Big Red Babalon candle down and faced South. I lit the fire and I invoked myself, my True Self and oh what energy! The candle danced wildly. I then evoked Goddesses close to me to assist with the connection and then I projected my True Self to her. Deep in trance I could see through the “eyes” of my projection, I heard my words spoken and actions taken. Once I was back in my body, the True Self dissipated though it never fully leaves of course. I meditated upon the flame for a good long while. I then felt ready and performed a Tarot reading as she had requested earlier. The reading was very accurate, very much on theme of the question.

After that I entered into my astral space where I often meet spirits, gods, etc. This is where I allow those entities to meet me as well, without official evocation. I spoke with Babalon and she introduced me formally to Lilith and … others. That will be an interesting initiation I think!

Later tonight I learned more about the Temple of Ascending Flame and decided to request their initial course work. I feel very drawn to their work and philosophy. I will continue and finish WoD and maybe read Evoking Eternity as I heard it was a very good treatise on Evocation.