VK Jehannum rituals?

Hello peops,

I was just wondering, has any of you done VK’s rituals and had good experiences with it? And what do you think about his rituals?

I personally did a few of his rituals, I felt the results but idk it just seems weirdly easy. No nothing just chants, what do you guys think?


They work great with little to no tools. He designed them that way bc he wanted to make it usable for all people. He has also mentioned in several videos that he channels or creates the chants. Then he has the spirit concecrate the ritual chants, names, hymms etc. He has also encouraged others to create rituals in that manner.


Yeah I know how these rituals were created and everything. It just seems off, I mean magick is done not just by chanting shit.

Never tried them. If they work, they work though.

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This is why there are some using his stuff when they are not ready, it is easy.
He puts a lot of work into his stuff.


Yes and no.
Magick is done from the individual and how They see it.
Using a chant is no different than a sigil or even ceremonial magick. They are all just different ways, but they all work.


Good point

I guess that makes sense. I mean he doesn’t even tell us to think of the intent, it’s weird.

Because he puts intent into the work. He states this on his blog and in his videos, its no different in my eyes to a ritual for hire really, they do all the work and might have you do a few minor things but the bulk is on their end.

He also has chants that are not “programmed” as well.


Damn, that’s interesting. Have u done any of his rituals? What do you think about it?

Yes ive used a few of his chants, they’ve all worked for me so far but not everything works for everyone.
If you’re curious read his blog and watch his videos, thats the best way to get a good opinion.

You said you knew how these were created but you didnt know how he puts them together? Just curious.


I meant I watched a couple of his vids, and I know he channeled those chants and it was consecrated and shit. I know it’s meant to be easy.


I used a lot from vk
And i still do his rituals work great and intensely.


That’s good, imma do his rituals more then.


I used his stuff when i first got into working with demons and the qlipoth. They worked great in the beginning but i started getting better results by challenging and creating my own chants in a similar manner and adding onto my own way of doing things.

I will say though, I’m a poet and musician. The power of words is pretty much my go to for magic right behind visualization and energy. So yeah, chanting can sometimes be all you need so long as the chants themselves have enough personal power and intent behind them.


hmmm interesting, alright thank you.

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Even E A has stated before that you can do magic without any type of external things. The magic happens within. For some people it can be as easy as words and chanting.


I also use the chants of vk and they works very fast in the rituals.


Yeah I know.

I use his chants too. I just mean his rituals, they’re all just chants no intent nothing. But I guess now I understand why.