Visualisation to accompany your money work

This worked for me - a lot of us inherited stuff from our (usually loving & well-meaning) families about money, that leaves us uncomfortable with the idea of being very wealthy and successful - well, I did anyway. My immediate family leaned left politically and distrusted anyone not an a £/hour wage.

So, this one time years ago, my mother was joking with me about something and said she’d fibbed to a gossipy and stuck-up neighbour that she might be staying with me, and that “My daughter’s doing rather well now…”

Hearing my mum talking proudly about my (back then, fairly fictional) success got me thinking - I’m a huge student of personal development and had read that what we imagine, especially when it’s strongly imbued with emotion, our subconscious mind accepts as fact, AND that the sub-c. isn’t a thinking mind of its own, plotting to drown us all in unresolved potty-training issues, but that it’s a kind of servo mechanism that just measures the “weather” of our perceived world, and adjusts our actions, beliefs etc., accordingly (link to a post about this).

It took me a while to piece this together but, after she’d opened my eyes by saying words I would never have thought of, albeit as a piss-take of her neighour, I started visualising my parents, teachers, all kinds of people (some completely random, and even actors or musicians I really like) having that same warm, comfortable tone of approval in their voice, as they stated “Oh, yes, Eva’s doing very well for herself now, she’s got… (insert whatever)”

It did this: liberated me from the inherited guilt of having excellent, honest, hard-working, but very leftie-leaning people in my life from an early age, for whom you work hard on an hourly rate and don’t trust rich people; made me confortable round money, wealth, talking about it, making it, and so on; has, I think, freed me from what was probably incorrect assumptions about wealth, and to what extent I would be lovable if I was really really rich.

Things looked up once I deployed it - I’m not a millionaire yet, BUT, I felt the difference with this, so I’m sharing it because programming is a pernicious thing, and using visualisation to overcome it is a very accessible method.

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Excellent advice, Lady Eva. I am beginning an excursion this week into something I’m calling Demonic Prosperity Magick, which will, I hope, completely destroy and rebuild my life in regards to wealth and abundance over the course of 100 days. This is something I may incorporate into my plans. I plan on posting the results.

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I did quite a bit of work with two books by Denning and Philips: Creative Visualisation and Creative Money Making. The results were very good, culminating in a job which gave me an extra 500 a week travel expenses. These books, while written rather simplisticly, did, in my case actually work.