Visited by Lucifer after working with Lilith

I decided to share an experience I recently had in the hopes of gaining some insight from other experienced members of this forum. I have been working with Lilith on my own for nearly 2 years. But recently Lucifer has been making himself known.

After making an offering to Lilith, I went to bed to get some sleep. I found myself in a dream in which I was confronted by 3 witches. The lead witch took my hand and began forcibly channeling Lucifer into me, overwhelming my conscious defenses. I made one futile attempt at escape only to find myself stopping as Lucifer assumed control. As the witch approached and began wrapping her arms around me I awoke from the dream. But even after waking up, I found that Lucifer was still very much present and the possession was not over. After taking a short time to tell me that I needed his knowledge to properly handle Lilith’s current, he willingly departed from me.

I repeated the offering to Lilith two nights later and again Lucifer appeared in my dream.

I have often read that there is a close connection between Lilith and Lucifer. What can you guys tell me about the nature of that relationship?


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