Visited by Belial

Inb4 he just wants to tell you to tell someone else something.

He appeared in one of my dreams as well, I saw someone (don’t know how to explain how he looked like) and I just said “Oh, look, it’s Belial!”. That’s why I know it was him, since I literally said it in the dream.
Didn’t try evoking him yet but I’ll do it one day.

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I’m sorry, I don’t follow.

I was just making a joke.

It’s not a joke, he does that with me all the time :joy:


Its good. Once I decided to see how far I could push the wasting his time with stupid questions. I asked it here and got an answer right away from someone who works with him.

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Well, your ‘joke’ wasn’t understandable.

I felt it was pretty clear…
…unless you don’t understand memes.

I don’t look at memes much.

You should meme more.

So an update. After Belial visited me there was an ‘eviction’ in my mail box for my now home. After asking for his help and reaching out, he assisted me. I’m not getting evicted.


Fantastic that Belial is working with you and with such tangible results !
My experience with Belial was interesting as well The first time I ever sought to commune with him his presence was very breath taking, Dark towering presence. He made his image visible in the scry and in the smoke. He even touched the crimson milk several times to speak to me.
The pictures were astounding.
I talk about it some on my channel but I have to say that Belial is one who had been greatly misunderstood and has a very dark and powerful abysmal presence but one quite willing to teach the ones who open their mind and spirit to him.
Thanks for sharing!


Im getting some signs from him to like hos sigil keeps poping up ,i have a liitle alter next ti m6 bed with his sigil and once and awhile i give blood and insence ,but i havent done a evocation with him for a long time you think he wants to contact ,i keep videos and sigil of poping up, he is been so good to me and my family ,alsi he is next to bune ,can i get some advice please tjank you

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I plan on putting a video on my channel this week about my specific experiences with him along with all the pictures.
It’s way too much to type here.
I began working closely with him last year and found his methods for workings are very solid. Even for intricate spells that take months to come to fruition he is still very good to carry thru to the end and teach your things all thru the process.


Very nice instruments!

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I see a skull in the smoke that is rising, was that during an evocation?

It was during the first calling for commune.:slight_smile:

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How do you know he’s around you What signs do he give you

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I had a similar case like I can’t remember any scenario of my dream but I vividly remember a demon with a red ruby on its and then I saw everything in red then I woke up but even before I have a natural desire of what he can do, So after that, I did my research and still am but even though I haven’t had the guts to evoke him since he’s one of the high tier dukes and I have high respect for him I can feel his work happening. Nourishing, Protecting me, and giving me more trials and obstacles to strengthen me. So yeah with that being said he is reaching out to you and if you believe and manifest you will reap the rewards.