Vision when listening to Marbas enn

I got vision while I was listening to Marbas enn several weeks ago. I was listening to Marbas enn on Marbas · Enn Meditation Chant [Also: Margas, Barbas, Marbuel, Barbuel, Barfael, Barbiel, Baruel] - YouTube. First, I saw someone wearing a cloak then I saw a female lion. I googled about Marbas illustration, and Oh… That was surprising me. Does anyone know what it means? If anyone knows what it could mean, please let me know.

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Sounds good. Entities appear different to different people for various reasons, so it sounds like this is a form that he will use to interact with you. That was the point of chanting the enn right? So good work! :smiley:

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Ive always known Marbas to be a lion figure too I think he’s described to manifest in that form in the books as well, I love Marbas, he’s one of my go tos for healing🥂