Vision I can't fully interpret

I really could use some opinions and alternative ideas for a vision I was sent last night but can’t fully interpret.

I was meditating last night to connect to Vassago before doing a reading for a friend. This friend had what turned out to be a triple heart bypass. During the procedure he believes that he had an out of body / near death experience. He was seeking confirmation through tarot that this is what happened.

I could easily interpret three of the images that I received and connect them to his situation.

The first was like an ancient religious artwork with a crude figure in a white gown with looked like a gold corset that went from chest hips. The figure was approaching an open window with one foot off the ground and both arms were raised towards the window. The figure appeared to be walking or running to the window with open arms, but it also looked like they could be taking flight.

AI gave me this which is very close (except no wings in vision):

The second was of a red enamel heart, like a pendant or brooch, in the style of a claddagh. But instead of claddagh styled hands, the hands were far more elegant like these Victorian “clasped hand” belt buckles.


Images 1 and 2 easily correspond to my friend. The enamel heart references the procedure done to save his life, the heart surgery. His heart was literally in someone’s hands. The painting to me represents an out of body experience. The gold corset represents the 36 staples in his chest, and the bandaging and binding that was done immediately afterwards. He left his body and, like the woman in the image, a part of him was still tethered to our world but he also could have chosen at any time to transcend our world, which would have resulted in death.

The third image was an open eye. Which most of us see and that is not unusual at all when I am meditating.

However, the last one was the most complex and a real stumper. I am not even sure it has anything to do with my friend, or if it could be a personal message. Vassago either wouldn’t clarify, or couldn’t as my cats started making a lot of noise and broke my concentration.

The last image was of a Knight card in reverse. But the knight was both holding a sword and using a large, reversed pentacle as a shield. The Knight and his horse were standing in flames and it looked like the horse was rearing and preparing to run away from the fire.

I couldn’t get the connection back, and so I began with the tarot reading. Before I began asking questions, the Knight of Wands jumped out of the deck at me. When I clarified the Knight of Wands card later on, the response was Death Reversed.

The last card seems like a rejection of entering into spirit represented by fire. Do they practice magick or have protect workings up, as that would explain the pentacle shield. Lots of warrior energy, he was fighting for his life.

Could be nothing but I’m distracted by the AI putting the figures feet on the wrong legs. You included it when the description is better, so the energy includes that now, and I think for good reason. “Starting off on the wrong foot” => false start => it’s not his time to fly (die). Which implies he did start to die but then didn’t, which supports the idea that he was experiencing the conditions of a near death experience. The Knight of Wands reversed Rider Waite version includes “delays” as a meaning.

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