Vision from BUNE ? Help with evocation

Being a begginer in the dark arts what would someone recommend i read,study and practice to help and aid me in evocation,summoning rituals. While attempting to evoke BUNE and meditating on his sigil i went into a trance like state with his sigil pulsing in my mind on and off and i saw a portal open im the corner of my room, every part of me felt heavy,left arm to be pacific.when i tried to walk to it the portal closed. Im 42yrs old and i know that was no dream. I could see the back of a house and yard but it wasnt familiar to me

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Sounds like you’re doing fine. I’d just write down in as much detail as feels right the vision, there’s a good chance what it means will come clear as you build more experience

What are you studying so far and what direction do you want to go in? If you’re interested in the draconian path vs say, the ahrimanic, chaos (crowley, lovecraft, custom) or other paths (assuming you’re only interested in western occultism), that’s going to change what people recommend.

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I dont think i would ignore any advice. I want to empower myself. Ive denounced my baatist christian faith to Satan that was forced on me as a child. Im devoted myself to this i just need a teacher.i asked an entity for guidance that i believe lead me hear,any advice be greatful

Also ive been trying spells from a site called SOM, i also visited ASCENDING FLAME ,but their recommended reading list was huge and my funds are low so i have to read on line


A free course that covers everything that I like is the Apprentice program at quareia .com. I have a different viewpoint on some things from my background in qigong but it’s a good start.

It’s a really big course (could take years) and starts you right at the basics of meditation and protections and goes through to planetary magik, but in a ‘this is the fundamentals’ sort of way, you can then apply that understanding to your own worldview.

If you can extend to 10 dollars I like Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis by E A Koetting (on kindle). Again there’s years of practice in there, and it’s got more of a black magickian’s bent. You can take the lessons and apply them to any grimoire to work through those as you go.

With these alone you have years of work. I would say try not to get too distracted and spend more time collecting sundry books than actually doing the work from the books you’ve got. Pick a direction and run with it, and the path itself will lead you from there.


Thanks and will do.