Viridarium, demons / patron spirits of plants? 🐍

Hey there guys, any herbwitch who has a patron spirit of a plant? It seems every plant has a patron demon who can be also in a relationship with the witch / mage / sorceror?

How did you do it?

This is the third time you asked the same question.

I know you didn’t like my reply because you ignored me, and didn’t answer my question about which book you’re trying to follow here. As far as I can tell, there are no patron demons of plants per se, and I’ve spoken to all the Goetic daemons now and none of them mentioned plants.

I have said, you need to talk to the spirits of the plant species themselves. They are higher beings in thier own right and have the power to help you. The fae and the daemonic are different things and exist in different planes.

Having said that, I was talking to Lehachiah today and he mentioned my garden - so maybe try the ‘angels’ of the shemhamphorash rather than the ‘demons’ of the goetia.

After that, I suggest you pathwork the Goetia and ask each entity in person if they have an interest in plants and can work with you on this.

Would you please consider just bumping the other threads so others can see what you don’t want to hear?


Stolas teaches the ancient art of astronomy and herbalism. He inspires the magician the instinct of wort cunning, the art of the wise.

Try that.