Virgin girls dont get possessed?

Is this true? can demons or other entities hurt virgin girls? if yes why is that?
I remember there was an episode of the supernatural where there was this girl who kept her virginity and when the demons attacked the building, they walked pass by her and they couldn’t hurt her.
can an entity make you a virgin again?

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Virginity has no real power in anything, possession doesn’t care is your cherry is popped or not. Most of that blood of a virgin etc ideology is due to the idea that virgin blood is more pure or a virgin is pure and under the “grace of god”

Edit: no an entity cannot make you a virgin again lol virginity in itself is technically a social construct that basically is like “hey I had sex woo!” Nothing else.


agreed here.

I’d like to extend on that:

mainly got it’s status through “Holy Mother Mary”, which is said to have been gotten jesus,
without sex with her husband joseph or anyone else.

Instead, she was being revealed by an Angel (Metatron),
to recieve a child from god directly,
and to care for it well,
even tho it’s not a regular child from her husband.

But then again,
it got to such importance due to christianity.

The concept of it being importend or valuable,
simply didn’t exist before christianism.



Yes virgin girls get possessed and raped by spirits


I thought it was by Gabriel delivering the message to her?


Gabriel ?

could be,
Metatron means voice,
or represetant.



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Lucifer and other Deities are never let people to fuck me, and He clearly told me that He won’t let anyone to do it in the future, but They did it almost daily. :woman_shrugging: (Wonder why do I have the beauty to charm men, women, homosexual men and hetero women then…)

Virginity won’t save you from anyone, by the way.
I’ve got possessed very ofter.


Genuinely surprised by this. The amount you talk about sex, I’d assumed it was a bit of a hobby


I can not feel anything towards humans. I’ve never been able to do it. No trust, no lust… nothing. I’ve never had “need” to them. So I didn’t “gave myself to anyone”, especially for nothing, and I’m sure that this feeling would be the same even without that 3 rape attempts in my life.


Interesting, you think it’s an energetic thing?


Sexuality is fluid so charming other sexualities is pretty often among many areas. Though I can relate to the attempts one by a female demon but it was kind of cringy to me so I banished her and set up a way for my energy signature to be “erased” from her finding me again.


That is extremely false.


Is that your Gut feeling to reading it,
or do you want to explain to me what is “extremely false” about it?

I mean, i do know that the bible took the concept from earlier tales,
and pretty much copied it.

Just not so much centered about “virginity” per sé.

As again,
the term got idolized,
later on.



In the ancient world virgins were often specifically used for specific stations.

The most memorable were probably the vestal virgins in Rome.

Here’s an article which notes the importance of female virginity in certain ritual

In Ancient Greece there were also special rituals of virginity-taking.

Fertility was the most important phenomenon in early civilization; hence, the very old religions tend to be matriarchal. But even in classical pagan times it was still very important.

Like, pretty much every culture in the world for all of history has made a big deal out of virginity and/or losing it.

To me this makes sense, not only due to the importance of fertility/sexual energy, but the changes the individual goes through with the first encounter; especially girls.



Kinky, Thanks!



True, my lense was a little unfocused. :blush:


You meant, charming others?

If yes, long weeks ago I’ve talked about this with a woman, and we find out that yes, it is possible, and because in my case the feminine and masculine energies are balanced it can be a reason of these.

(Wonder why do I have the beauty to charm men, women, homosexual men and hetero women then…)

Balanced I mean.

Unfortunately, nowadays I’m very unstable in a lot of perspective. But I’m working on it.


Haha no prob

But I 100% agree the abrahamic religions essentially oppressed women’s sexuality.

And virginity relates to this

Not as if the pagan religions weren’t patriarchal, but women and their sexuality were present as positive forces (generally speaking).


I meant more the lack of interest in other people. The trust I get, but the lack of lust seems odd

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It actually pre-dates that, interestingly:


Current research

Some yoga teachers also believe sex generates a 7-year energetic link to the other person, for better or worse, which can influence both partners. Virgin male animals have been preferred for sacrifice a lot of the time, because each individual sperm cell contains potential for life, so, the virgin male is complete in himself and has not channeled life energy through to the next generation.


Ohhhh. Excuse me while I go and kill myself,then. :flushed: