Views on Yahweh (YHVH, YHWH, Tetragrammaton)

I’ve had good experiences with him in this life but less savory ones with him in my time between them which is initially why I hated him growing up because the memories were forced on me, but overtime I got into experiencing the Judeo pantheon and his creations in their regards and thought it was really beautiful so my mind started to change.



Cant help but agree with this, wisdom is wisdom, power is power and if you put brackets then they are brackets. Don’t limit you

The same could be said for a lot of people who change belief systems. Instead of being liberated they trade one dictator deity for another. Just because it’s demonized by the belief system they came from it doesn’t make them any more liberated.

For a lot of people the only thing they have left from their ancestors is being anti judeo-christian because the christians/jews were pretty successful at removing the gods and traditions of their ancestors from history.

Modern pagan traditions aren’t the traditions of their ancestors either. Modern pagan traditions are just a recreation based on the little information that survived all of the book burnings and mass genocides orchestrated by the christians/jews. These so called recreated pagan traditions are no better than christianity because they still embrace many of the golden rules that the jews and christian’s believe in.

Furthermore similar things can be said about demonolatry, Luciferian orders and other lhp belief systems. They simply wouldn’t exist as they are without the judeo-christian influence on society.

So there’s many trappings if we’re talking about escaping the clutches of christianity and it’s influence on things.

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If you have 10 people & only one has the correct view of Yahweh, the other 9 views doesn’t matter. That’s where we are today, sad but it won’t always be like that.