Very tempted to do my first curse , not sure what to expect (LONG)

This might sound kinda pointless or stupid but I don’t know what to expect with baneful magick.

Here’s the thing , I’ve had a lot of people go out of their way to harm me or be very malicious. Mostly when it comes to work/ my job. I’m a good hard worker but because im a slow learner and I have a learning disability working construction is literal hell for me.

The kicker is I actually blew up at work one day and left but luckily my boss didn’t turn my papers in because he knows my situation as does the crew and wanted to give me a second chance.

Even though they know I try my best , that I’m stressed the fuck out from being homeless and trying to get meds even though I don’t have health insurance yet they STILL continue to CONSTANTLY tear me down ALL DAYand tell me I’m a worthless pos after I come in day in and day out tearing my body up doing scaffolding.

There’s no “ oh we’re just joking bro, the crew has nothing but love for you” after you know what I’m going through and that I have to suck this shit up. This all I have for right now. Sometimes I don’t even fuck up , they just like having a reason to talk down to me like I did something wrong.

Anyway now that thats off my chest , I read very conflicted information about curses and baneful magick. Some say killing is a lot easier than you think, some say it’s extremely difficult and that your magick has to be stronger than the targets will to live.

Can you really wear someone done and kill them in a matter or weeks ?

You see with me I don’t just want to kill anyone , I want my enemies to suffer dearly and to feel complete and utter hopelessness. I want everything they have and have ever loved completely stripped away from them.

If all goes well I could see a lifelong pact with the spirit I’m choosing. I believe it’s the evilest acting spirit in the goetia.

I’m also curious, with “death” demons , is their energy heavy and feel negative ? I’ve seen mainstream occultist say they are decietful but I don’t believe this to be true. I think it’s just a negative assumption about them.


I’m also curious, with “death” demons , is their energy heavy and feel negative ? I’ve seen mainstream occultist say they are decietful but I don’t believe this to be true. I think it’s just a negative assumption about them.

I felt kinda dark and slightly irritable for the rest of the day after throwing my first curse a couple weeks back. Though, I’m willing to attribute this to the dark and violent emotions you need to conjure up rather than the demon itself.

I’ve never killed someone with curses before. It’s also safe to say I’ve never worked with an entity to curse either, so I can’t really give you advice on that one. As long as you have strong intent the spell should work, just be careful about emotions such as regret. It’s feelings of remorse or guilt that tends to make curses backfire on the caster/or make them not work at all. So just be wary. As for the “death demons,” I’m not entirely sure what you mean in that matter? Perhaps it’s because my first assumption is to think of demons who specialize in divination and necromantic purposes. (Ex: Bune, Murmur, ect.) Maybe that’s just me.

If I were in your situation, I would use the energy they are expressing to my advantage, rather than waste my own energy simply trying to get back at them for having done so. I posted a sigil spell exactly for situations such as this: Sigil Spell To Drain Disruption and Fuel Success.

You also sound like you may need protection. In that case you can imagine a protective sphere around you which only allows in loving energy.

Lastly, what are you doing to transform yourself as a person? The stronger you are, the easier it is to deal with those cretins.

Good luck and I wish you well.

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As someone who worked various construction jobs for ten years with many different crews, let my say right now that as long as you stay in that field it will never change. They are all full of macho assholes who will take every opportunity to shit talk you. If you want to do something useful that will actually help, find a different field of work. Because even if you killed every member of your crew, they would be replaced with the exact same kind of asshole.

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Try to cast spells for improvement in order to change your situation it will help you more in the long run. Although I feel most people aren’t worth time to curse and would rather get back at them by improving a lot.

It doesn’t have to be a curse. You can call Bael or Balam to make you invisible to wierdos, Forneus or Gusion to improve your reputation. Etc. Read the descriptions and you’ll find who you need to find.

For a spirit that tears others down, Agares does that well, Andromalius will royally fuck up anyone who tries to rob you, and i wrote something incorporating Andras.

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@emperor well here’s the thing. I’ve asked king paimon for help with this and while he’s able to keep my honors or restore them at management level he can’t do much about the crew if I mess up sometimes. I want a different career field like the other poster said , as long as I work a macho job my ass will harped hardcore. Thing is I’m on my own and this is the only job I have any experience in. I’d be taking a huge pay cut to the minimum wage here. In San Diego btw so I’d just end up homeless again.