Very Good Book- High Recommended

The practice of magical evocation is by far the most profound book on evocation I have ever read. It explains SO MUCH that is asked on this forum.

-The true meaning of each individual magickal tool used in evocation
-Why entities must obey you
-The different levels and planes and the ranks
-What happens after you die in detail and how to live their after we depart from the physical earth
-The true differences between the astral and physical
-How to create the perfect environment in order to have a full evocation each and every time

and soooo much more people.



Franz bardon?

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Yes. I only read his Initiation to Hermetics. But his evocation book, wow. After this I will read his true Kabbalah… He puts everything into actual words we can understand and makes perfect sense of it through magickal words and science. Every magician must read Franz’ work at least once.

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Thx for the recommendation bro!!!

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