Very big concern HELP PLEASE!

Hello dear friends I have a very big concern which is slowly getting me psychologically ready. Whenever I spend the night with my girlfriend my brother shoots into my head every second. It is either because he did something energetically with me or it is because my girlfriend always thinks of him. When I’m not with her I don’t have these thoughts. I only feel it when I’m next to her. It just can’t be my own thoughts. I’m slowly going crazy. I’ve been with her for 1 year and 2 months. I ask for help.

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Why would you think about your brother while with your girlfriend?

You said in your introduction that you practice “sealing” magick and candle magick, along with being a master teacher in the Magnified Healing paradigm, so don’t you know how to shield yourself and seal your aura against intrusion? :thinking:


I don’t know why I’m thinking of my brother. I think it’s your thoughts. Even with Magnified Healing, thoughts are still there. If it is an influence then it is very strong of him. I just don’t understand why the thoughts always come when I’m with her. I can’t defend myself against it.
Slowly I really have the feeling that it is her thoughts that are transferred to me. What do you mean?

What is "sealing " magick to you? You said you practice it, so I want to know what your definition is, 'cause Google only brings up references to anime and roleplaying games.

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By that I meant sigil magic sorry

Ah, okay. That is a whole different kettle of fish then lol

That’s sorta weird have you tried just talking to your brother about it maybe he can catch you up on somthing. I also think maybe your higher self is trying to tell you interact some way but I’m still a super newb and just share my thoughts since you asked. I’d contact your higher self if it’s able to communicate with you via words or visions exc. Last time I talked to mine he nodded his head yes that he was contaminated lol. I should contact mine again soon. So do you just see a picture of him does it move exc

I see dreams and old things from the past

Hm. Weird so it can’t really be somthing sending you the images unless it knows you that long I’m not sure if she was thinking about him if it would trigger your old memories or not. Maybe try asking your higher self to talk o his sounds odd but I think it would resolve the situation I’m sure your brother in any form would help and this way he doesn’t even have to know the situation nor do you have to do much about it.

Wouldn’t really tell you why it was happening but can probably stop it from happening.

You need to learn how to shield. Pull power into yourself and create a bubble around you. If the thoughts of your brother stop, then they were from an external source. If they don’t, then they are from an internal source.

I find it unlikely that your brother would make you think of him only when you are with your girlfriend, so it’s doubtful he’s the source. That would leave your girlfriend then, if these thoughts are indeed being sent to you.


I’ve tried everything. The thoughts don’t go away. So it’s her thoughts, isn’t it?

if you have properly shielded yourself and the thoughts don’t go away, that would mean YOU are the source, not her, because her projections wouldn’t be able to get through.

If it is her, another option you could try is to put a shield around her to stop her projections.

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So it says when the thoughts go away did my girlfriend think of him?

Yes, it would mean she is having thoughts of him.

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I am currently visualizing a purple rose ball around me. The thoughts have become less but I do not know if this is now imagination. The thoughts are still present, so to speak.

It might take a little while for them to stop completely because your mind is basically reflecting them.

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But why the fuck does she think of him 24/7? Whenever I fall asleep next to my girlfriend, I dream of him. She says to me she doesn’t think of him

Before getting angry at what could amount to nothing, I recommend getting a divination done on the issue by a neutral third party.

People on the forum offer free readings all the time so keep an eye out for when they pop up and ask for one.

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The vibe I’m getting is that it’s something with you, not your girlfriend or anyone else. You should really examine your feelings for your girlfriend, your brother, and your self.


I’ve been to a good clairvoyant. She said she only loves me and she thinks of him when I think of him because we are connected. I still think it sucks it doesn’t leave me alone.