Venus Fly ♡ Passion Fire

Original Version (Color)

A magic circle I form to protect against any violent storm

A circle round and round, a circle tightly bound

Encompass me about, O Lord (Lady), with thine Archangels of the Night

Priestess of Venus come down

Goddess of Venus descend

love, lust and beauty we seek

By the power of the crystal, the pentagram, and the cross we unite our senses and spiritual forces and align them with yours

love, lust, and beauty we bring

Our offering for your divine bliss we ask

Passion fire ignite. May her grace shine up us as we seek to explore our sexuality in the dead of night

love, lust, beauty combine,

May her forces align

Send down your grace

And may their passion fire become one with mine

As I offer up eternal praise and gratitude

In Their name



Says “needs permission” when I tried to open the image. Can you post it on here?

Try this one:

Venus Fly + Passion Fire

That worked, but it’s just

Pretty much what you wrote, with some missing. I might be misunderstanding, I assumed the first link was the actual circle to go with the spell

No, sorry, the link was just to the original document with everything in color (the purple and black). Feel free to try different circles thought, and tweak it all you want. Just make sure to do so in a separate document so we can save the original.


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