Various Forms/Methods of Sigil Making

Yesterday or two days ago I made a post about me trying to make a talisman in which you also need the skill to make sigils.

While going through various topics I found this goldmine:

Sigils are quity nifty and can be made by basically everyone with the most simple basics of magick.

Now he did that one and we probably don’t need another one so this will be for mostly me to study this and basically summarize it for myself. (One of the best ways to study and remember all of this imo). See this as a… Paper or journal so to say.

I’d also like to state that I have no (proper) practical experience with this regarding which is the most practical for that specific purpose etc. I am also not gonna go in the absolute basics of sigil making which you can find everywhere.

Now to start

The Simple Scribble Method

The most popular and most used is the one in which you write down your sentence and just scribble away (at least it’s the first one I learned). As long as you can see the letters within your drawing you’re set. Most people burn it, some keep it and others bury it. Depending on your intuition and how it feels it’s best symbolized regarding your goal you will do one of these or something else.

I am not sure if this one has a name so I’ll just call it the simple scribble.

The Rose Cross Method

Funny enough I only knew about the Simple Scribble method, until literally an hour or two ago I found out about the Rose Cross method and others. (I read the article before but didn’t understand jack with the table, probs read through it too fast)

The next methods showed have a certain system in which you need a table (index, tabulation?). By taking the letters you have left from your sentence you use it in this manner:

  1. Grab your leftover words

  2. Find where the letters are within the table

  3. Begin by your first letter and draw a line (or trace it however you want) to where the second letter is in the table and end it in the last

and voila. That’s how the methods with tables work.

So the Rose Cross method. It makes usage of an Hebrew table. I both got the Hebrew and the translation of it:
afbeelding afbeelding

For this example I will use the statement “I will have an abundance of wealth.”

First, remove all the vowels except “A” as Hebrew does not have vowels with the exception of Aleph which corresponds to our letter A. Since we are mapping this phonetically instead of alphabetically we will use the “th” as a single letter. This leaves us with:

Now we will want to remove the double letters leaving us with:
W L H A V B N D C F Th

The Hebrew letter Vav corresponds to both W and V so we can remove that. In this case the C is the soft C like an S so we will map it to the Shin position instead of Kaph. We can rearrange the letters so our sigils don’t always start with the Vav position giving us:
H V Th L A B N D C(s) F

The Witch’s Wheel Method

Same shit except disregard the extra stuff quoted from above. Do it normally this time like you do with the Simple Scribble method.

Here is the table:

The Kamea: Magick Square Method

With this one I would like to say that I think it’s almost impossible to properly comprehend the usage of it in which I can do shortly and let alone simply. I digged a bit online and honestly I recommend to get yourself a book about this one, but I’ll try anyway

To begin this method is used to contact spirits. You could try to use it for other purposes (why not experiment?), but there is a reason it’s specified for calling out to specific spirits.

To start off you have multiple tables and these tables is what we each call a kamea. And I would like to state that the Kamea is based off of a planet. (and maybe other things) Basically having multiple Kamea’s.

This is the Kamea for the sun:

Get yourself the name of the spirit, take out the vowels. The letters that are over you’re gonna put them to use in another table:

If you have the letter B it equals to 2 etc.

Finally, find each number within the square in order of how the letter appeared in the name and draw lines connecting each with the least amount of distance possible. If you find one number is not within the square, skip it. This is an imperfect method but I have found it does not hinder the sigil’s strength. You can then choose to keep the sigil on the square or freehand draw it onto another piece of paper. Feel free to jazz it up as you feel inclined to with circles, arrows, etc.

At the end of all this, you have a sigil that you have already infused your own energy into it to help with activation. It can be used for a multitude of different things as well, such as creating servitors for tasks ruled under specific planets, to heal or harm targets, and for the creation of talismans. So feel free to experiment with this and see where it takes you.
Tutorial: Making Sigils Using Kameas

Props to that guy for explaining it so simply. Check the links out for more specified information.

We’ve hit the end of everything I know although I hope the members of this forum can link or give their own simplified version of other methods that I didn’t describe or didn’t understand fairly well or what method is best used and for what (like the magick square) etc.

I’d like to see this as a more basic summarization of what the people wrote whom I linked above and a tad more simple.

The one I first linked also mentioned the usage of runes and languages like Enochian, Angelic and Malachim. I tried finding stuff about it but couldn’t find any tables with it. Like I said I hope the members of the forum can add something to this including other (creative) ways to make the sigil more powerful or rituals that they use or are used. I also noticed the usage of runes for example at the edges of certain sigils or other languages, what’s up with that?

I hope this was worthwhile to read and helpful as well


I also wanted to give something back to the community as all the info here has helped me immensely as for everyone as well, so there




Also for a less involved method is great!

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I think @DarkestKnight also knows a few techniques i think.

I’ll add a note with the Kamea method that I did not include when I wrote that post as I was not as knowledgeable on Hebrew as I am now. If you are going to use the numerical values for hebrew letter instead of Pythagorean numerology order to convert the names of more obscure angel and demons into sigils, you may notice that it is more difficult as some of the values are in the hundreds. The solution i found to that problem is to reduce that number into a single digit to use instead (for example, using 3 instead of 300). You may need to use the same method if the value is in the tens depending on the kamea you are using.