When it comes to draining energy from someone what types of energy can you drain from them?

Prana/life energy/ki/Qi it’s all the same thing. That’s what you drain. However you can also drain emotional energy as well, be it happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and so forth.

There’s also their elemental energy as in everyone has an elemental energy that’s basically their energy most of ‘human’ souls has ambient/earth/fire/water/air energy, others have dark energy, light, lunar, solar, among many other elemental energies, those can be fed on too.

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Be careful i you are pulling it into yourself, as energy of sickness and imbalances in thier energy can come to you and give you the same. Most humans have issues, emotional imbalances, don’t eat well, have underlying medical conditions and all sorts you don’t want to add to your system.

There’s ways to filter the energy and clean it you can find in works by folks like Cosimo, Jehannum, and many posts here - there is a whole Vampirism category (moved the thread there).

if you drain them into the ground it doesn’t matter - the Earth recycles the energy.

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So I could take away the sadness away from someone

More or less.

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I noticed that whenever I get rid of my own emotions I usually end up feeling very blank, as in no emotions at all lol

Same, I’ve been working on R.E. creating myself which is as this. The re recreation consist of having no emotions yet having the ability to feel.
I do it through energies beliefs knowledge meditation thinking, seeing