Excuse me my annoying ignorance, but could you explain what exactly is vampirism? I mean how it works exactly? How can I take others’ energy?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of becoming a REAL vampyre. How I could become a real vampyre ( immortal, invulnerable, beautiful forever)? Is it possible? Maybe a pact with Belial?

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Asking Question is fine, It mean you want to Learn and this is something you should be proud of.

As For Vampirism, Basicly in my Personal Paradigm(All what i say is only based on my Personal Experience , so feel free to Disagree with what i say at any time ) is the Path of Transforming the Self into a Living Predator, as Nature intended us to be, This is of Course the First Layer in my Personal Paradigm, By learning to Absorb other Human being Energies, you Change your Perception into that of a Predator and also make you more Powerful on a Magickal Level.

On a More profond Level, i was Taught by the Goddesse Ereshkigal that Vampirism is a Profond Alchemical Process that Transform the Mage that perform it continously into something Greater and Greater on all Plane of Existence, as Magick Does.

For me Vampirism is Magick(A Part of it or a Path in it if you prefer) thus there is no difference between that Practice and another one, except in the way that it is performed.

In my Opinion, The Description you gave of a Vampire (Immortal, invulnerable, beautiful forever etc…) is based too much on the Hollywood depiction, at Least on the Physical Plane and if you look it in a First Degree way.

But if you take those Description, such as Being Immortal, the Vampire is actually working a lot on achieving Immortality of the Spirit after the Physical Death as well as Increasing greatly his Lifespawn with his Practice. For instance, by absorbing the Energy of other Living Being, and Programming it to keep you Young Looking, Healthy etc… It will does so with Time, Practice and Dedication, among other things.

the same goes for the Other attributs you described such as Being Invulnerable, etc… You have to read between the Line with those Myth surrounding the Vampire, they can be great Source of Inspiration but they shouldn’t be taked Literally in my own Opinion.

If you do a little Search on the Forum and the Internet, you should be able to find easily how to Perform Vampirism, there is a ton of Ebooks, Post etc… that Talk exactly about that

I hope this was Helpful

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Thank you, now understand it is more an astral-spiritual kind of vampyre we are talking here.

As for how ro perform vampirism, I don’t trust internet and this forum is full of many many topics and post, which I do not know which is better practice described. I tried to read some of those post but I found little infos.

So if you or someone other, who have already read all about vampirism in this forum or in others trustable source, could give me 1 or 2 pracitcal example about how I could perform it, I would be immensely grateful.

The “tentacle” method is the most simple, just imagine a tentacle reaching out from your aura going into them and then suck energy from them through it


A lot of the information out there on human vampirism actually isn’t disinformation. At the same time, though, vampirism is not human.

Vampirism is a process, happening in nature, naturally, exchanges of energy. When you have sex, you are being vampirized, and vampirizing at the same time. When you are eating food, you are essentially vampirizing the dead animal or plant, claiming its power as yours. Any chi that’s left, and in the cases of fruit and vegetables, potential energy.

The same way babies tend to have more energy than average grownups, because less of their natural energy was used up, the same applies to fruit. The act of vampirism, becoming a predator, even a devourer on higher levels, is being both consciously aware of that interplay of energy and exploit it.

I second what Mephistor and thatrandomguy have said. I rely heavily on breath as a medium for the exchange of energy, but as time goes by, I’ve noticed it’s a physical crutch I need to do away with, so while I would recommend beginners use their breaths(inhalation=in, exhalation=sealed/grounded), I would also recommend they learn that they don’t need it and once they’re good enough just do it with their minds and will.

Another crutch that can help you, but that you will eventually have to unlearn is touch. The Left Hand pulls energy, so just place it on someone’s shoulder, in a handshake, or hug, and pull. Transcend that, by feeding from eye contact, making people profoundly uncomfortable, and straining their attention. And then transcend that by going with breath alone with the tendrils(what thatrandomguy describes) then transcend even that by just ‘‘willing’’ it into yourself.

It’s a very fun path, and if you need any advice, have any specific questions there are many individuals here willing to help. It’s also pretty universal, in that it helps you learn energy work which is important for everything in this line of work.

As for good books that teach vampirism, I learned my stuff not just from E.A. and his instructions in Works of Darkness, but in a couple of other places.

Namely, Ardeth:The Self-Made Vampire, The Psychic Vampire Codex, the Sanguinomicon, Uncle Chuckie, especially psionic warfare and supervillain, articles on the Internet everywhere, imagination, and talking to other vampires.

Also, about your descriptions of vampires, it is fairly Hollywoodish, as Mephistor said, but not totally unreliable. The vampire is a black magician, he/she is powerful. Since we feed on the astral plane, where we can easily shape shift and fly, those abilities are attributed to us, are astral(physically they are hard though not impossible), much like the invisibility, and so many other things. THe hypnotic and mind control stuff is all very natural and possible,and the eternal youth…

Well you can maintain vitality for a long time, look much younger, etc. though atm not sure how you could live forever. I know it’s a goal for a lot of people, though, and I do believe immortality, in a variety of different ways, is indeed possible, especially with enough power.


Thanks for your great answers and infos. I will try it.