"Vampirism" on a rock?

Hi everyone! I saw on a post that i could develop a lot of psi abilities by vampirism, however, i don´t like or feel comfortable leeching energy from other people.

¿It would be the same if i do it with rocks?

Thank you!


Try taking it from the cosmos, that’s what qi cultivation in qigong does. Reach out with your mind to as far out in the universe as you can imagine, in a sphere all around you. This qi is so abundant, all the people on Earth could cultivate as much as they can from this source at the same time and it wouldn’t make a dent.

The advantage of this source is it’s perfectly balanced. It’s called cosmic qi. Breathe it in through all your pores, on the out breath compress it into your lower dan tian for storage, it is automatically converted by you qi body to human qi. You do not need to “filter it”.

Other sources will have a different balance of yin and yang and the elements and can affect your internal balance accordingly. Drawing from the sun will warm you, from the moon will cool you, from the artic is very cooling, from a waterfall is … watery.

Personally, I think humans are the worst source of energy, it’s dirty, imbalanced and carries complex patterns you may not even realise you’re having to deal with. I don’t like it either, too little bang for the buck and too high a risk of picking up disease.

That didn’t stop the Yellow Emperor using it with sexual techniques for longevity, which is a practice related to the raising of the sexual energy called kundalini, only taken from another. But this only works if you don’t climax and few people in the west do that kind of sex magick. That’s on another level and isn’t called vampirism, but I consider it the same.


I see, it is very similar to reiki practice! I am going to give it a try and update!


Sounds a bit like reinventing the wheel to me.


We do this on a normal basis, but active energy feeding on a rock is pretty much feeding on the energy of the leylines since rocks, trees, grass, etc are connected to these leylines.

However, when doing vampirism no matter where the energy comes from you have to filter it, humans, animals, rocks/trees, cosmos, so on and so forth. cosmic energy or planetary energy is just ambient energy with various differences based on the inhabitants even on the smallest of levels, earth’s ambient energy will vary from Mars, the Jupiter, etc.

Either you actively filter it or you create a shield that does the filtering for you as you feed on the energy, otherwise your energy body is taking in foreign energy regardless of its origins.



What are your sources? I’m not insinuating anything by asking you this because I’m genuinely curious about where this information is coming from. I actually want to look at these sources and put them under scrutiny. No offense but It sounds a bit new agey to me - like a twilight inspired version of vampirism for lightworkers. The stuff you’re talking about is the complete opposite of predatory spirituality - the practice of vampirism. I would argue what you’re talking about isn’t vampirism whatsoever because the practice of vampirism (predatory spirituality) has its roots in baneful magick. Maybe I’m a bit old school on this topic but this is the only place I’ve come across that believes vampirism is practiced in the way you stated in your post.

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What are you talking about? vampirism is feeding on energy of another or an object.

That’s factual on what predatory vampirism is, but a person filtering energy isn’t new age it’s part of energy work and predatory vampirism is energy work.

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The idea that energy work is predatory spirituality

Predatory spirituality does involve energy work but that doesn’t mean doing energy work is the only goal of predatory spirituality. There’s many aspects of predatory spirituality that’s beyond the scope of just obtaining energy. Those who practice it work with the dark gods and obtain life-force from humans. The goals of someone practicing predatory spirituality are different from the goals of someone whose doing energy work.

From the point of view of predatory spirituality life-force is vital energy that exists within our individual bodies. It’s driven by our blood and it’s connected to our circulatory system. In other words it exists within our blood and breath. When you look at it from this perspective the life-force of a human being is different from a rock.

Filtering on the other hand is a new concept. I’ve stated this before. Personally speaking I think it’s up to the individual if they think they need to practice it. There’s nothing about filtering in most books about vampirism. I say most because I’ve read a lot of books on this topic and I haven’t come across it once. As far as I’m concerned it’s upg.


Hi! I just did what you sugested, i sat on my bed and visualized myself reaching out to the universe, then a light energy coming unto me when i inhaled, and then focusing in the Sacral Chakra while exhaling,

Then i shifted and was in the center of the galaxy (i know it is a massive black hole and not light exactly, but i saw it as light) and imagined tendrils coming out of my hands and body to gather the energy and this time concentrating in the third eye.

After a while i shifted again to a vision of a web/neural network made of light which i was part of, and the pulses of energy were directed towards my body, and again redirected them to the third eye, i saw a couple of violet colors, so it seems to be working!

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I never focused on predatory spirituality in my comment only predatory vampirism, which aren’t based on each other.

filtering energy isnt a new concept it’s something the energy body naturally does when dealing with foreign energies but not to an extent of if it’s done actively. Energy no matter the source has attachments to it, humans energy each individual has emotional and psychological attachments to their energy and not always will it be “good” so you filter that energy, it’s not a new concept in vampiric feeding.

Sure it can be classified as UPG but it does not exactly stop it from being legitimate, someone who is incapable of filtering the energy they feed on from another risks the taking on the negative attachments that may or may not be there, this is common also when working with foreign energies for too long you take on whatever attachments that energy has, so it’s not just dealing with vampirism but energy in general unless you work with your own or know how to work with external energies without taking it into yourself… i.e external energy manipulation.

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I hope others have answered and helped because my comment won’t be.

so I read the title of this and I really thought to myself, “doing magick while on crack, idk if one can”

luckily I came in and read the post. mainly I came in and wanted to thank you for the laugh

Predatory spirituality is the practice of vampirism.

Which books about vampirism talk about this?

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I don’t really go off what other people’s word alone when it comes to what happens during someone feeding on energy I go off scanning them when I see them in the process of doing it. However, AsetKa is one book that talks about filtering energy when you feed on it, especially emotional energy.

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It’s a matter of personal opinion then. My beliefs on the topic are more in line with the teachings of the ToV and Michael Ford. They’ve been putting material out on this subject since the 80s. I tend to lean towards them when it comes to getting an expert opinion.

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I just said it doesn’t matter if it’s UPG or not, when it comes to vampiric feeding it’s all going to be UPG most the time people who feed on energy don’t know how it affects them. I tend to not really care on when someone else wrote a book on something because most compare knowledge based on “cause it was wrote in the year 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s so it must hold more weight” but I usually just base it on what my scanning skills see and what has been confirmed through other scans.

Of course I do value the research aspect of it and currently most research ties to the asetka, the vampire community, and a few small time authors (atleast small time in my view)

I don’t consider none of them experts, I consider them just authors who chose to write about something and it grew “important” simply because it was written in the past.

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When I was actively practicing energetic vampirism. I was in a mall and in a bit off energy feed frenzy. And well I was just curious about testing different things back than on feeding (till now) but I mainly succced humans not things so to say but this also interesting… Before me was a older gentleman idk a foreigner. I think .

And I just felt something off of him and well despite this I drilled my astralic vampiric tentacles or tendrils in him tryn my best to filter it or test my filter capability Wich also I think corealates to vk jehannums word for “digestion” ability out. pushing my limits so to say.
Well some half an hour to an hour I felt after the lil energyzer depressed and low.

I think thus it depends Also in wich spiritual energy field or layer you drill in your victims how deep and subtler elements you can go with your attack decides also wich quality you get and how much attached or altered energy you will receive and thus how much you must “filter” or “digest” the bad stuff until you get the good and later on Refined stuff.

Well I must also note I was a beginner I personally do think it is possible to define your tendrils or vampiric methods in a way you only vampirise the goods despite the age or strenght of the victim or… Vibe.

It holds weight by its own merit. People swear by the methods taught by the sources I mentioned because they get results from it. Say what you will about them but I don’t think it’s foolish to trust published sources over stuff found in an obscure forum.

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Started asking for advice, and ended up in an argument, good old BALG forum thingy :joy:


That’s good for them lol, my comment remains simply because it’s something confirmed on it’s own merit and not based on reading it from another. I am not aiming to change your mind nor do I really care that much to. I answered to your question and response nothing more nothing less lol.

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Same here.

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