Vampirism as initiatory path

On higher level and in a much elaborate way vampirism consists in the creation of a vampire chain in which the operator is a part, it is beyond necromantic operation in which a death shade is link to the operator even possess her/him or psychic vampirism, these things are useful and even steps of greater operation but not the goal.

The supreme goal is longevity even a form of immortality as an undead, at alchemical level it is like reborn into the glorious body. The operator needs a very rigorous preparation. Some call them the “red wizards”.

In the vampiric tradition the glorious body is based on two fundamental assumptions : body of glory realization and defeat the second death. Glorious body is common to most of the mystery of all major religion as a support, vehicle to immortal consciousness even after a physical death. The consciousness is send into a new energy body or chi body much more powerful than the physical body. In this body possibilities are limitless.

Some authors have given some ideas to attain this state for example Michael Ford, Alexander Dray or Gilles de Laval, the Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis give great ideas about the whole operation. However what is missing much of the time is the internal alchemy suitable for the vampiric great operation who allow to forme the subtle vampiric body into the physical one until his death then the consciousness is send into the new body, some compare it to a divine, daemonic or vampiric body. I’m seeking information about the red vampiric alchemy process at internal level.


I wish you luck because what you want when trying to get that information consists of years of continuous, fluid and systematic agnosis that does not come around the corner, the world of shadows has to be walked with own expertise not based on shared because even those that are or are shared are coded to be understood by few!


Yes I follow already this path at some degree but as solitary practicer not link to any vampiric orders I try to fill the gap as there a lot of missing keys.

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Anyone have worked with sacerdotium umbrae mortis? I’m working on some adaptation to use some ideas from it as many practice give me much inspiration to explore further.

Also grimoire of tiamat and necronomicon gnosis have great vampyre current into them, I have used them to permanently shift at some level, for now on the astral body.

To handle these outer planar/ in between current a good preparation for me is first to learn basic vampyre skills. For example focus on sacrum of target and visualize all his life energy as a blood red light then on the in breath channel this energy into the mouth then into the solar plexus, then on the out breath visualize the energy spreading from solar plexus to the whole circulatory system or if you have illness on the weak area of the body.

This is a very easy and useful starting point. You can add further tendril and other things later. There is several stage like those found into the book of Oizus or it can be a direct merging process with a void entity who will then be a part of you. We can find that into the Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis, Morphosephram and perhaps more directly into the deplorable word from Erica Frevel. Her altar collage are really powerful and activated before shipping. I like very much the vlad tepes and tiamat one, the gates ino them are very disturbing so it is not for beginner.

Also a good idea is to use some invocation to Choronzon like those found into sabbatica volume 2 as I have found that his pitch black abyssal energy have the ability to supercharge and transmute my chakra center and allow me to handle the vampiric astral shifting and the whole things with more ease.

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Any reason why there’s so much secrecy?

For being a road in so many, where you walk under a tapestry of shadows only those called to this path have the ability to see, hear, feel and understand what is beyond the obvious. For example, the articles published by Espirita Yearbook 2015 clearly clarify this, of the scope of this path for and against the living of man in this contemporary era

I think it’s amazing if you are skilled at it. Be careful though, it put me through some major shit a couple of times.

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Very few know true vampirism one source is the Nyarlathotep Order of the Black Dragon in which you can found internal alchemy but this order is a “closed door order”.For them a potential vampire ignores his true state as it is buried in the depth of his psyche and adherence to the order allow to him to have access to his true identity. They do a full deconditioning followed by a process of regeneration it is the way to becomes an authentic vampire.

Everybody have beliefs, fantasies and self restraint, the process is hard to destroy them and access the true being.

The process itself is related to the triple mystery of the resurrection of the spirit, soul and body in order to assure the Adept the conditions of long life and immortality of consciousness after the death.

And don’t be confused here this is a true transmutation far beyond the magical techniques found elsewhere, this is hard way.

In this order they have linked or used the Nyarlathotep as the symbol of the possessor of the primordial chaos mysteries.The only author who have been initiated to this order is know under the pen name" René de Lhamort" according to him the followers of this fraternity are “put to death” in the Kingdom of Xibalta, the underworld of Darkness. This death of the initiate fertilise the Underworld and allows him, in return, to be resurrected by the Lords of Death. This resurrection is the realization of the immortal body of the Black Sun. Through this body, the adept reaches a supra consciousness which grants him the power to be reborn consciously in another human form. His immortality consists of chaining lives to each other punctuated by periods of rest without the Invisible. In Europe, the author followed the teachings of the Order of the Black Dragon of Nyarlathotep, also called the Bat God of Death. In the Amerindian tradition, he is named Kamazotz.

There is also 2 other Black Order of the Dragon first one is well known today as this the Order founded by Michael W Ford but there is a secretive one called the Transylvanian Black Order of the Dragon who use a special initiatic system and use a gate into the Vlad Tepes/Dracula symbols/pictures to use them as gate to call undead god who can be possibly very dangerous if the adept has not properly trained himself, this undead being who will enter into the adept, the transmutation will occur quickly but the adept will have to hunt often in order to stabilize his new state and do other workings.

Into Morphosephram, William Wraithe teach something very similar through the evocation of Mobloch who will send a sort of void entity of his void legion to merge it into the magician.

Finally the book Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis teach also a process of Infection, Death, Descent, and Revenence through the evocation of the most malevolent side of the Qliphoth, this is interesting system but arthurian current is overcomplicated in my opinion and need much simplification.

I have some great personal effect through some of these systems and try do go further that’s why I have write that I seek some missing keys for the vampiric alchemical process. I have some of them into my native language ( unfortunately not translated into other as the author has disappeared) and most of the other are easily found into books that I have quoted into this thread.


You are absolutely right in what you express, but it is mostly a test that is experienced, not only to prove that we have the roots to process what will be seen but it is also a proof to yourself of wanting to step on that path … It is or not for our pilgrimage so to speak

For powerful vampire energy work is needed to do invocations of Abzu, Kingu and Mother Tiamat


This is the VK Jehannum invocations ? Grimoire of Tiamat gives many great ideas for vampire practice through the invocation of the chaos monsters.


Is there way to contact Transylvanian black order of the dragonn & order of the black dragon of Nyarlathotep?

Unfortunately it’s not possible at this time. I had a contact with a member from the Transylvanian Black Order of the Dragon 10 years ago (2009) and get some advice and teaching to do my workings alone, the member have disappear and can’t be reached, I can’t say what happened since this time.

The Black Order of Nyarlathotep is not open to public and I don’t have any idea on how to reach them.

No problem I have just given here info that I have on this subject and based on what I have learn. I dont claim anything else.

Thanks F.Dominus

The spirit Abagrion may be able to help you with this as he is said to specifically teach about the vampiric mysteries.

He is also known as one of the best protectors against negative influences in the earth zone.

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How do I connect abagrion is he vampyric and able to teach vampyric mysteries how can i.invoke abagrion tell me about him thanks

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The same way you connect with any spirit: summon him :sunglasses:

His sigil is found in Franz Bardon’s evocation book under the heads of the zone girdling the earth towards the very back of the book.

He is said to be( as are all the spirits in Bardon’s evocation book) a positive spirit.

I do not sense him being vampiric himself.

That is just his area of expertise.

I have not worked with him personally as of yet tho.

As a side note, apparently Conner Kendal is coming out with his own vampiric initiation book as he stated on his youtube channel.

You might want to look into that :+1:


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You are welcome.