Vampirism and dolls

Is it possible to call astral body of the victim into a voodoo doll?
If so what skill does it require?

No, but the Voodoo Doll IS the target, that’s how sympathetic magick works.

The thing is that I was only able to obtain an avatar picture of the victim on Insta put on the face of the doll.

Witches in the 18th century didn’t have printers and photos, they made poppets out of string.

Energy follows mind (attention) and it does what you will when it gets there (intention). That’s all you need.


Whereas I realise this can be a little bit of a contentious issue, I don’t actually know the answer.

As a disclaimer, I know very little about the Haitian systems and therefore encourage those with more knowledge to chip in on what I am about to say.

Some years ago I read quite a bit on poppet/dolls/representations etc. In the European traditions they are used in what is usually referred to as the sympathetic approach. Ie, as far as the operator is concerned, the poppet IS the person its intended to represent.

But I found some materials by Haitian practioners who explained there perspective differently. Their belief was that the ‘essence’ (I presume similar meaning to astral body) is transferred from the person into the poppet/doll, then acted upon and then sent back into the person’s body.
An example that one gave of this concept was in relation to healing an infection in someones forearm. His view was that the 'essence; of the person in their current state was transferred into the doll. Then one inserts a pin into the infected area of the forearm (on the doll) with the intention of pinning the essence of the infection in the doll. Then the essence of the person is returned to their body.
But the essence of the infection is trapped in the doll and does not return. The infection in the physical body is now separated from its essence and therefore fades and dies.

These are two very different concepts in terms of the mechanics of how people believe it works. But ultimately the key element seems to be the application of intention within the context of the chosen concept. In short, I don’t think it matters how someone believes it works.

Also a quick aside question- the title of your thread is “Vampirism and dolls” but your post doesn’t allude to anything vampiric. Is there some missing context here?

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The doll means nothing if there is not something that belongs to the individual. In old days it was hair, blood, seed, nails etc that was put on the doll. Effecting people over the internet is something else. I know that it is possible to be cursed like in a forum here as people have energy from them in their avatars. Some do however says that the link to the person through a Insta selfie is small when it comes to practice of vampirism.

It’s not enough. There must be a link to the person.

That’s what I’m seeking. If I can transfer the essence of the person into the doll it would be a lot more effective to do vampirism as there are a lot more energy to drain.

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This is one belief about how the process of using a representation works. I don’t personally claim to know which of the interpretations of the concept are correct and which are not (or it may well be immaterial which are actually correct).
The concept I referenced which you’ve quoted came from Haitian practioners. I don’t know much about the Haitian systems, but it may be worth your while to look into their systems, concepts and methods if this is what resonates with you.

You can, but it’s not true that this was a requirement at all … and if you visit the Witches Musem that has dolls in Boscaslte UK you’ll see witches that didn’t use samples in their dolls. The actuall dolls made of string are under glass for you to see.

I can do dolls that work for people I have ever met. I use dolls a lot so I have a decent amount of experience getting them to work and I never need a physical token as a link. I create the doll to BE the person.

The link is through the simple fact that you know they exist. They are connected through the human collective unconscious. They know who they are, you know who they are, done.

Another case in point is effigies or idols: these are usually, though not necessarily for discarnate entities and you can never get a physical link made of them… it’s exactly the same principle energetically: the idoll(a doll) IS the link to the entity. You treat the idol as if it were the entity.
How did you think those work if you always need a physical link?

I can’t ever stress enough, intention is everything. Its same the same principle as to why you can summon the correct entity with the wrong sigil. A human is just another entity.

I speak from personal experience though, and everybody is different, they very fact that you think you must have a link probably means you have limited yourself into this as fact. Doubt kills magick stone dead: you doubt you can do this, so you can’t.


It make sense what you say. I suppose you then referrer to that I channel their essence or energies into the doll to make it more alive so to speak.

If you want to, but that defeats the purpose of a doll that is based on sympathetic magick, and what you have is essentially more like a talisman instead.

With a doll, the doll IS the target, you don’t have to charge it, or fill it. If you vamp the doll and the doing vamps the target… you stab the doll and you stab the target, or to be nice as well you heal the doll and give it love and sweet herbs and you heal the target. They’re the actual same thing. What you do to the doll you do to the target at the same time.

With a talisman then you have the extra step of vamping the energy, to put it in the talisman to vamp the talisman.

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So like the crystals and talismans I take the doll in my hand and say my intention and in that moment I have programmed it that links to the person?

Yes, but ideally you make the doll yourself, and every movement you make as you create the doll is forming that doll into the person, it’s becoming that person, you name it the persons name, you say “hello Dave, I’ve got you now bwahaha” … or whatever :smiley:

This is “low magick” because it’s so super simple and intuitive. It’s not programmed, it IS the person. You hate it or love it like it’s the person, you feel the presence of the person sitting on your table in that doll, he sees you and you see him, he watches you and you can talk to him and get answers back. Or her.

That could explain why the person i cursed many years ago end in car crash despite I just used a paper drawing a figure of him and stabbed it with a knife in my rage. I did not even expected it. I just overheard some coworkers talk about it.

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Yes, a drawing on paper is a valid doll. :slight_smile:

The doll I use was something I purchased on Amazon. I in the beginning took a picture from the person and place the face on the face of the poppet. Is there a difference between made doll and doll purchased on the internet?

Not if you put equal time and energy into making it into a real boy. :smiley:

If you just spend 30 seconds as opposed to 10 minutes, that could be enough to make a difference. The other thing about a bought doll, is it’s got the makers energy in it, so in this case, I would cleanse it and drain it of foreign energy first, especially if it’s handmade.

I just make mine out of 3 tissues lately, and the act of winding thread around these to make them person shaped is plenty, it’s maybe 5 minutes. The manufacturing energy in tissues is minimal.

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As you are told, if it is not an attack, to ‘vampirize’ or drain Energy, a talisman is more valid. As an added bonus: you can create a valuable talisman - or hundreds of them - by linking them to Entities to give you Gnosis and Power, or Energy, if you need it. It is a relatively simple and highly effective process. This way you avoid vampirizing a human being and you get that Energy voluntarily from powerful Entities, or from beings of the ‘lower astral’.

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