Vampiric entity been with me since I was a kid

A vampiric entity has been attached to me since I was about 8.

Her name is “m” I will keep her real name to myself as I don’t want anyone destroying any spirits. I dont wanna destroy her. She does favors for me yet she attacks me sometimes. Its weird. If I keep her fed on others, she typically wont hurt me, but if I let my guard down and forget about her, she starts draining me. From time to time she makes threats on my life, like giving me white lighters outta nowhere, knowing I live next to where Kurt cobain died.

She sleeps with me, she attacks those I ask her to attack, and I think its because of her I can do reiki and can suck peoples energy.

So i have a couple questions. 1, how to bring her under my will so she wont attack me anymore but I can continue to work with her(if possible). If number 1 is impossible, then 2 is how do i get rid of her. Already tried archangel Michael and I do lesser banishings multiple times a day. 3, will I lose the reiki if I kill the attachment?

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reminds me of this,the name aslo starts from M

you can ask her to only help you.

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