My Early Violent Possession And More


My Early Violent Possession.

I as a black magician and occultist have been performing possession for a few years.
I have become very great channel for possessions over the years.

However I didn’t always have the strength and control that I do now.
My possession vary depending on the entity I’m possessed by.

For example certain entities, I’ll be watching but won’t have any control at all and will have full memory of the possession.

In other instances I’ll have no control and will only remember segments of the possession.
In extreme cases of my possessions if done with a entity that I’ve immersed myself into deeply it becomes a full on no control and no memory of the possession.

However over the years if I need too, I can force myself back into full control, forcing out the spirit. This takes years of practice but it became achievable.

However I wanted to share a violent possession story with all of you.
When I say violent I don’t mean violent towards myself but towards someone present.

The Story Of A Demon Attacking My Sibling Whilst Possessing Me.

See at this point in my magickal development and path I was apart of something very sinister.
The demon’s I was working with were indeed purley evil, I know yeah evil is a human concept and don’t apply to all demons.

There was one demon in particular which I really don’t want to share his name but it began with a ‘M’ this demon was with me since childhood.

My mother invited it into our house through a Ouija board. Anyway I digress, my step brother at the time was interested to watch me and my coven at the time.

I agreed for the rest of the coven to meet this sinisiter demon, through possession.
I made the nessercary adjustments in myself, then began calling on ‘M’.

Once I entered the state of possession, the coven began asking questions.
My curious step brother mocked the demon quietly to one of the coven members.

Basically what he implied was, that this demon cooperated very well and that he wasn’t at all sinisiter and that he wasn’t afraid of him.

See this demon known as ‘M’ loved to install fear and believe me he was good at it.
My brother told me that my eyes scaled across the room, maintaining eye contact with him.

He said my bright blue eyes, went from dark hazel to almost black.
My step brother was nervous saying that it wasn’t like looking into my eyes anymore.

My step brother was a bit of a show off and stated “is that all you got”.
BIG MISTAKE, the demon thrusted my body across the room.

Quicker than I could ever move apparently and gripped my hands around his throat, slamming his body against the wooden door, with such force it cracked.

My step brother was hit from the door to the ground, my hands tightened choking my step brother almost killing him, whilst maintaining eye contact smiling.

The coven tried to pull my body off him, but I was too strong when the demon occupied my body even for five people.

So they knocked a chair over my head and held me down and used a incantation I gave them as a exorcism.

As I regained consciousness and control, I looked to my step brother, crying his eyes out like a baby girl.

Red in the face trembling, coughing and trying to breathe. Safe to say he never joined in my sessions again, after that I cut ties with the demon.

I couldn’t blame the demon however since it was only a retaliation, so I summoned the demon again at one of my coven meetings.

The Forceful Possession Of My Ex Partner And At The Time Coven Member.

As I was the leader of the coven, I opened up the ritual in a huge conservatory made of glass and tile flooring.

A huge circle of black, red, white and purple candles were set out.

I remember I had incense burning with various blends of dragons blood, sandalwood, opium and frankincense.

The area had been properly prepared, watchtowers were called.
Mantras and chants of power were recited in perfect unison with the group.

Loads of us gathered sat on the ground hands locking, creating a energetic connection through all of us.

Combing all of our power into the inverted pentagram and sigil of the demon upon the ground.

All of us chanting in unison too however …

My partner at the time and coven member didn’t want to join, so I told her to not enter the conservatory by any means.

She didn’t listen and entered the conservatory, the huge astral demonic storm brewing around us stopped.

I looked towards my partner at the time, she looked at us blankly no emotion or life.
Tears began strolling down her face and spoke ‘Hello’ and smiled then out of no where in front of all of us a cut came out of nowhere on her arm.

Blood began oozing out of her, the demon pushed her to walk away from the conservatory into the house.

We quickly tried to get up, but when we entered the house her mother who was also a witch, called my name.

I went into the house and my partner was sat there, she looked right at her mom and said.
“What the fuck are you looking at”, the chilling thing was it wasn’t the voice of a female.

Her mother held her down once I explained and she began shouting acting frantic, her mother began chanting her prayers as I chanted my incantations.

Hysteria was everywhere in that house as we exorcised her, even the other coven members began fighting amongst themselves in the other room.

I stopped them proceeded with the exorcism and came to the conclusion this sinister demon was literally fueled by the chaos and hysteria and fear of the group.

Once I learnt of this fact, I severed my connection and the connection of the others towards the demon and locked it away and binded.

So don’t believe what many say.
Some say demons do this all the time all are evil, that isn’t the case I assure you, but some say that demons don’t act this way at all that’s just movies and the media, I too can assure that isn’t correct.

The majority of my experiences with demons are great, however thought I’d share this story with you all giving you a different look on how some situations can pan out.




@C.Kendall Thanks for sharing. Would you say the higher ranking demons would be a safer way of experiencing possession?