Vampiric ascent

Greeting C.kendall Interesting I’m interested in learning the vampyre meditation like to invoke the essence of immortal night God.

where is it please? couldn’t find

Is this still a option? I’m interested…

I originally posted this incantation/word of power in Hermes’ “share your incantations” thread, but I figure it’s even more relevant here.

Basically there are two variations of this though the sound very similar.

Akatarilos Mikatarillic

Akatarilos Mikataric

The first one works best on living things (eg people) and the second one works best on inanimate or man made objects (like electronics)

You can use photographs of the person or object as a link to sap energy from a distance.

I had an awesome experience with the first one where I took a picture of a celebrity and visualized the energy coming into my finger while saying it. The feeling afterward was ecstatic and blissful.

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Can I have it too

Me as well I have someone who has already done this and sent a whole legion of spirits to kill me. I gotta do somn.

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