Vampire Magicians and their Chakra System

I have been rereading information on the chakra system and evaluating what causes blockages in each chakra. For example, a lack of connection to the world supposedly causes blockages in the crown chakra. What about blockages to the heart chakra? One article reads " To open the heart chakra, try repeating affirmations related to love and healing such as “I am open to love”, “I forgive myself and others”, “I love myself and all human beings”, or “I have an open heart”. Over time, repeating these affirmations will invite more love and compassion into your life."

I could go on but needless to say…IF these teachings are more true than not, how would that impact a Vampire Magician? It seems to me that Vampire Magicians would need to NOT connect to the world at large or have a high level of compassion, etc. It would seem to me, unless I am missing something, that a disadvantage to take an altruistic approach to the world at large because you are looking for someone to pull energy from. Sooo…do you have blockages as a Vampire Magician? Is this something that you just work around?

It would seem, to ME, that their point of view on the chakra systems is rooted in a more…Right Hand Path approach? Thus, they interpret the system based upon their pre-conceived ideas.

Frankly, until we are all holding hands across the planet and singing Kum-by-yah (sp), that the notion of connection to the world is missing the mark. Homosapiens just don’t do this as a whole. Our history is a mix of Love and Warfare.

Adding to this, I have heard that some Vampire Magicians have even removed their entire chakra system.
Comments? Thoughts?

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These teachings are not objectively true at all. The idea that emotional states cause blockages in the chakras is basically a New Age mixing of yogic anatomy and Jungian psychology. Nowhere in the traditional Sanskrit scriptures do they map emotions to the chakras. The emotional mapping is based on a flawed interpretation relating to the five element theory of Western occultism.

In the West, the heart is often believed to be the seat of the emotions.This idea is firmly rooted in our society, and is why we have such colloquialisms as “speak from the heart.” It’s also why the Anahata is assigned the element of Water in New Age mysticism. However, the common elemental attributions of the chakras, though generally taken as gospel, are not, in any way, true, and you can actually assign whatever element you want to whatever chakra you want. This means that you can also assign whatever emotion you want, to whatever chakra you want or even none at all.

A vampiric magician can still have a fully functioning chakra system without having to be altruistic. What really matters is having a relaxed musculature, and calm state of mind, so the energy can flow strongly through it (this is the real reason for the asana poses and meditation in yoga, to strengthen the body, clear the channels, and enable prana flow).


They can’t have removed thier energy centers, or they’d not function as humans.

What I think happened, based on my experience with “chakras” as taught in new age classes, is they removed the thoughtforms they’d created over the top of their energy centers and thought were chakras.

I created these too, going to yoga classes with guided meditations, but I already knew qigong and had been working with my energy for years by then. I could sense these things being created using this dumbed down western system like little coloured glass windows over my energy. They’re coloured according to preconceptions of what the west thinks they should look like, not what is, which is different for each person and usually not the ideal, and certainly not raindow coloured.

I removed these later as I found them to be so much clutter and while they didn’t block my energy, to use them means working with the energy of that area with this fake filtering effect, which is limiting.

I assume that to work with yoga properly would have a similar effect to working with qigong, as the two systems appear to have the same roots in prehistory. But the way it’s taught by some people is a bit fluffy and wishful not realistic. Hence thoughtforms and not unfiltered connections.


Technically you’re a vampire as long as you need to rely on a external energy source, so even qigong is a form of vampirism buts mainly expressed or termed as the yin/magnetic aspect

You’d have to become non dual in a sense where you are pure generative energy like a star, pure soul which means you’d have to become the higher self because everything below the soul star chakra/non vibratory white light is, vibratory like the 7 chakras or colors of the rainbow, because they’re still in a fractalized dualistic frequency so as long as there’s motion there will have to be force, and you’ll always be stuck in this place karma essentially

You have to merge your soul star with your lower chakras and then transmute the earth star chakra ancestral DNA so you can release the ancestral DNA information in your body that keeps you in dualistic bandwidths, it wouldn’t be the pretties process however, you’d become an entirely different person and entity after such a transformation

The key is to bring the higher self/Godhead down to your chakras to sustain them on your personal soul essence so you’re basically sowing your soul to your body, it’s basically your star so it’s your generative force thus no more need for vampirism on external things and it frees the energy system from external chaos and darkness

In the I AM teachings they call it the tube of light and they use Violet flame to transmute any lower density DNA that prevents ascent into the white super soul consciousness

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