Vampire afterlife?

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i’ve seen that going through a vampiric initiation with the undead gods , transform you in the way that it makes you immortal in the afterlife, on the Satania’s website it is said that going through their vampiric transformation service you can not access to the “heavenly realms” anymore;
My question is : as i can see often , that it change the way you experience the afterlife , what is the downside and upside of going through this kind of initiation /transformation service ? what door does close to us spiritually when going through that ? if any downside , is there any loophole to it ?

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Sounds like LARP to me.


Well, considering that you can largely choose where you want to go, I don’t see a point in paying someone else for it.


But… if you’ve died and entered the afterlife, then you aren’t immortal. You’re just dead.

There are a number of people here who take “darker” paths and can still access heavenly realms.

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You’re already immortal, imo, being human is a temporary state. The trouble is we forget what we know when we are born. Which is how people like this get to take advantage: all humans have a feeling there’s more and we just have to remember, and we’ll seek answers anywhere and everywhere.

Well it all sounds a bit silly, so you will lose some money, and on stuff you could experiment with on our own. On the plus side, you gain experience.

None, this is not a thing. “Heaven” isn’t exactly real, it’s multiple parts of the astral created by humans, so you get to go where you think you’re allowed to go. Like little theme parks in the collective unconscious.


This is the same issue I have with most of the current…transmutation/transmogrification/insert trendy thing here for soul transformation… Are we downgrading our cornucopia of experience for an inferior subset?


I think that’s a reasonable question. People want a quick and easy route and there are plenty of other people that either really think they can replace serious inner work with some hand waving ritual, or know they are taking advantage of people’s naivete.

On the plus side the more you learn the more you can see the connecting truth underlying all currents, so in a way there’s no bad learning and you start to know how to get all currents to work. All along you are developing your energy and your skills.

However, that means you can’t stop at one technique or one initiation/order/book, and you have to do a lot of self reflection and cultivating your energy. Any point is a starting point, so, go for it and then keep going :smiley:


Reasonably sure we’re on the same wavelength here. You (still) communicate it better.

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(Was going to add hi above but I’m wall of texting a bit)…

So as an example. I’m currently painting my new house, and to keep me focused I’m listening to free audios of Carlos Castenada, I listened to Journey to Ixtlan, and now, the Power of Silence. Amazing, I understand maybe 80 to 90 percent. But a few year ago I couldn’t listen to it, I thought it was nonsensical and couldn’t make head nor tails of it.

Some magick is like that, to unlock it you have to already know it a bit. So you start learning and make a wedge into the mysteries, and every time you come around and learn more, you drive that wedge deeper. You go round and round, come back to old material with new eyes, and then you are really “initiated”, which means, understanding the codes people use to try to explain that which defies words.

Don Juan uses totally different concepts, with an important energy center in the body called an assemblage point, which is where the spirit connects in to the physical. And it can move! I never guessed. Its fascinating. This translated partly into qigong but with new ideas I haven’t heard in qigong yet. It’s fun to hear him explain things and agree with him from another place while also deepening my learning at the same time.


I completely agree with all of you , thanks for you input , i definitively look into Qigong in the futur and i agree experience in itself is important , what intrigue me the most is the ritual with the ascended vampyre or “Undead gods” , i don’t know if i respect the rules putting someone website who offer this service so instead i’ll just quote the text here , but to take a look of what i am refering specifically is this part of the rite with the ascended vampyre :

Quote :

" After the physical body’s death, the bond established with the Ascended Vampires will keep your spirit alive for eternity in your astral body. You will thus be free to continue your existence on the astral plane, increasing your capacities and knowledge, without having to fear the wheel of reincarnation and eternal restart. The natural capacities of the immortal are always increasing with age, the oldest thus become real gods, whose names cross the ages and space. "

I mean i could do the rite myself too , the question is do we know any noticeable downside to going through this kind of rite with the ascended vampyre ?

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I think this type of thing, ie avoiding reincarnation and staying in the astral or lightbody is understoof to be what the Ascended do.

But I don’t think a ritual done by other people is going to achieve that.

You have to build your light body, which takes a lot of qi cultivation over time, and I would also recommend learning astral projection aka soul travel to start learning how reality works in the astral. This is work and skill building that can’t really be done for you. If they could, what goo is it to be able to stay in he lightbody if you don’t know what to do when you get there?

The assertion is, that there are Ascended Masters in this order that will help you. In this case, before shelling out any cash why not summon or channel a few of these to ask them about it? IF they exist, which I kinda doubt, then they are real people. Do you even know if you want to be tied to them to stabilize your astral presence?

I will add, if they’re Ascended they know there are better sources for cultivation than human qi, so they’re not vampires, they normal energy workers. Vampirism is really one of the most misunderstood phenomenon to come out of the Victorian era and be bandwagoned by modern romantic minded occultists.

So you have some possibilities: 1) these ascendeds are egregores, not ascendeds at all, made up by humans that don’t understand energy working, in which case it’s fake, or 2) they’re real and the humans haven’t understood them properly, which makes this offered service fake, or 3) they’re real and stupid ascendeds, which doesn’t make sense and if that exists stay the fuck away.
You can’t be ascended and hang on to human ego “I’m a predator so I’m cool” falsehoods, because to be ascended you have to allow spirit to work through you, and spirit doesn’t care about the little stuff like that.