Uuuh..any Cooking demons?

Uummm… This might be a weird question but bear with me so like any demk s that know how to cook??? I really love cooking and I want to learn how to cook

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If you want to learn how to cook you’re better off actually looking up videos and recipes. Not using demons for trivial things, because if anything they’re probably just going to ignore you.


@anon48079295 Mmm…yeah ur probably right

@anon48079295 … By the way how do you have a picture in your background what level can I get that at?

When you reach basic member I believe.

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K thanks!

No, there isn’t, you might have better luck performing a necro ritual to summon the spirit of a deceased chef or someone’s grandma, but you can use specific demons to learn anything or get better at something and there’s no judgement as to what. If you’re serious about this. Kalotes can help you understand better if you’re studying anything, so cooking for instance, they’ll make it easier and quicker. Asmodai can help you develop an ability that wasn’t attainable before and Halphas can develop and hone a skill if it is lined up with your ambitions. So, if cooking is yours, Halphas can help.


@Blade_Brooks thanks. Asmodai? I think I heard of that name before I think EA spoke about him I don’t know that much about him

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The best demon for cooking is Julia Child.


Asmodai is pretty versatile. To some, he’s a Prince and Duke to others. There are many spirits that have multipurpose uses and Asmodai is one of them. Just look them up.


Actuallly Lucifer enjoys cooking. I dont think he can help you cook tho. He enjoys it more as a creative form of offering. Meh I guess youtube is better than magick on this one :stuck_out_tongue:


No demons of cooking as far as I know but a cooking thread we do have
Hells Kitchen: The Thread Ft. ArchBishop Gordon Ramsey

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For a moment I thought you were looking to summon a demon who would cook for you :joy:


@Akashiel What we have that? Cool!

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@Tuxedo-cat Nah I’m not that lazy lol =]

@johnbad really?! Wow mm… didn’t know. that cool!

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So, are you like a really bad cook (like leaving stuff to burn etc) or you just want to find and make some recipes that taste good? Or are your interested in becoming like a professional chef and make stuff that looks good as well? Or do you have specific dietary needs/ desires and want to make stuff that tastes good adapted to that?

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I know there’s a demon that stokes the fire of hell and does the whole boiling stuff in a cauldron. Forgot his name but, that might be an option

Sorry that wasn’t too much help :sweat_smile:

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I have a great recipe for primordial soup :bowl_with_spoon:

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@Aprentiz please tell me great O, wise 1 =) I MUST know the Primordial soup and all its Glory🤤

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