Using the right hand or left hand in rituals

So I’ve seen a fair few ritual instructions which state either holding a link in right hand or push energy through right hand and I’m wondering if there’s a particular reason for this?
I’m left handed so it feels slightly awkward and odd to use my non dominant hand.


THe right part of the body is said to be the pure side, the left the impure side. Some traditions of east calls the right side where the gods reside and the left side where the spirits reside. The right side gives, the left side takes. The RHP and LHP terms came from this. DOesn’t matter if u r left handed u still have heart beating in the left side. So for U too it will be the same.


Brilliant, thank you for clarifying it for me. Much appreciated.

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Gworsh, I’m doin it rong again.

Do what works - if the energy feels stronger with the left hand, I’d say go a head and do what feels right. Personalising magik to make it more attuned to you and your energy is usually a good idea.

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