Using Tablet screen as a scrying/black mirror

Hello everyone. I have a question which might sound crazy but can i use my tablet screen as a scrying mirror or black mirror when the light is turned off. What is scrying mirror used for. I wanted to use for visual evocation whereby the spirit will remain in its plane but i can see it. And again can my tablet spoil if i use as a portal to call on demons. Thanks once again.

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As far as i know, you can.

You can use your tablet as a scrying mirror, but if you’re summoning spirits, the energies involved might not be so good for the device. I prefer a homemade black mirror myself, you can make one for like 5 bucks. I swear this has come up many times in the past…:thinking:


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It can be confusing when researching this though. I’ve seen some say yes! You can use a phone or tablet. I’ve seen others say not to do this unless you are the only one that looks at your phone or tablet… which is unlikely. People look at my phone all the time!! :eyes:
Maybe it would be best to make one. Just in case :smiley:

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Really, you can scry into anything once you have the technique down. Thee Temple Ov Psychic Youth was well known for using television static. Konstantinos, in one of his books, talks about scrying into a glass of Coke. Another magician used a bucket of motor oil. You can even scry into the air around you, or the blackness of a dark room.

Black mirrors, water, fire, and blood are traditional, but not the only surfaces available in the modern age. Yes, you can use your tablet, cell phone, or computer screen. I’m not sure why anyone would think other people looking at your screen would matter, as @KristyKLB mentioned, since you can scry into any dark surface, consecrated or not. Scrying is all about the perceptions of your mind and once you’ve learned how, you can do it anywhere.


It’s something I’ve read a few times. Some people believe you should be the only one looking into your mirror. Thanks for clearing it up! :blush:


I think I understand now why some people would say not to let others look into your phone or tablet if you use it for scrying. They are thinking of it like an actual consecrated magical mirror. You shouldn’t let others look into your consecrated mirror for the same reason you don’t let them handle your other magical tools, but it really doesn’t matter with a phone or computer screen because it is not consecrated specifically to magick, and, as I previously mentioned, the ability to scry isn’t dependent on the device, but the mind.


That makes much more sense! Thank you. :blush:



Okay thanks. I was able to structure the physical form of Papa Ghede yesterday in a dark room. It was so great to be able to do my first evocation to the physical plane.