Using a tablet for a black mirror?

When turned off a tablet can appear like a black mirror as it’s glass.

My question is can you use it for evocation? Will a spirit show up?


Yes. It has been done many times. Members here have used the screens of cell phones and computer screens as well.


I thought it’s not a good idea to use electronic devices as scrying mirror since its electronic or magnetic force can causes a disturbance for flow of energies…

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Not if the device is off.


Yeah you can , you can scry with your television too


They still contain elctromagnetic power, unless it was off for long period of time.

But, maybe im wrong :wink:

@Scarletto, nope your right in that. But I heard it works for people here.

Another easy thing is. Get a pictureframe (cheap), and get the cheap black painting spray.

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The electromagnetic force is negligible though so it doesn’t affect anything. Members here, myself included, have even opened sigils that were displayed on our cell phones with absolutely no issues.


Oh i see… Good for you then… :sweat_smile:

Personally I have never had any success with black mirrors. I suspect the electricity is minimal.

That’s actually a really fucking smart idea. One of the most important things about being a left hand path occultist when surrounded by Christians is your ability to maintains stealth. Having a random black mirror laying around will definitely spark a red flag. Really fucking smart. Also I would assume it would work, and if you are worried if it will or not, just try it man.

I have heard of this consept being used in an awful B-movie. But I could see how the consept would work.