Using sigil magic from phone

Hi it is possible to use sigil magic not from a paper but from phone anyone tried it ?

Yes. It has been done by many on this forum. Try the search function. There are numerous threads. I, myself, have used a sigil on my phone.


I’ve used my phone and it’s worked just fine.

Also found an old post about this –


You can do it but in my experience it’s not perfered I used to do it, and for a long ass time my phone would freak out on me randomly.


Greetings, great questions.
Ofcourse it is best to Draw the Sigil to the best of your ability. There are those moment when none of those tools are avaible and you gotta improvise. Yes, you can definitely, use Sigils via the phone. Yes, they will work. The other thing you can have on handy is a bag of Sigils. Back in the day (early 20s) I kept my Sigils in a black pouch and always had them on me. Sometimes I would even draw them onto my palm. I also have several of them memorized now, and visualize them in my head and then utilize High majick to summons them.

Let us know how it works out. Would love to hear about your results !!!