Using reiki and falun gong for other purposes

One of my last posts I asked how falun gong can be benefited from when you dont follow its moral code and the responses do make sense. One even mentioned that reiki is also used for other purposes. So now I just want to know. What other purposes can falun gong be used for? And how do you go about using it for those other purposes? Can falun gong somehow be used to repel bad luck and harm away from you? If so, then it would raise a question on how the persecution in china could even happen to begin with.

As for reiki, now I wonder what other purposes reiki can be used for. I was attuned to reiki level one. All I ever knew was to lay my hands on certain positions of a persons body. Heal them and such. If reiki can be used for baneful purposes I’d like to know how to do that.

If anybody here has experience using reiki for other purposes like baneful operations or any other purposes other than its original intended purposes I’d appreciate if you could share your knowledge and experience.


One of my friend says that the Reiki egregore can’t be used to baneful things.

However, Reiki taught you how to channel energy. So you can channel it from another source/another egregore. :relieved:

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Reiki can be used to heal ailments and restore balance in all things you do. Like you can send reiki through distance to disasters as well as send it to your food to enhance its qualities. As for using it for anythi g other than positivity you cannot. Baneful aspects would defeat reikis purpose.


I have to agree with @datkushguy - Reiki uses symbols that are kind of like sigils that have inherent will and intent that is beneficial, and to use them powerfully you feel the energy of love.

So you cannot use them for ill because that’s not what they do. It’s like trying to hammer in a nail with medicine - the concepts don’t even add up so it’s just the wrong tool for the job.

Look at the descriptions of what the symbols mean: if you can think of a way to make “connecting with the universe” baneful my hats off to you. :slight_smile:

You could use Spare-style Chaos sigils in a similar way that you can invent to have the intention you desire. Or use the limited but related ideas in “vampirism” which are also a subset of energy working.

I’d expect someone somewhere has done that and called it “Darque Reiki”, or some such, though it arguably isn’t it might do the job.

Personally I’d use a poppet for something like this.


Some people i know suggest used reiki as layer of energy ball so the energy ball can reach very far away.

So for baneful act made energy ball with baneful intent, after that use reiki to layer it and send to other person. It kind like trojan horse.

Idk if its work, you can try btw


Interesting thoughts on reiki. Any thoughts on falun gong?

Falun Gong is a philosophy and Chinese spiritual meditation practice, not a system or technique of energy working. No I would not say it was useful for black magick.

Thank you for the symbols and meanings. I was always going to look them up but kept forgetting.

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I’m a reiki master. The actual reason I decided to learn reiki was that i was told that it would help me channel energy more efficiently and increase my maximum energy flow. You can’t use reiki itself for baneful things. In fact, it doesn’t even work if the person doesn’t conciously accept the energy.

But you could offer the energy to a diety, more easily feel the energy of a diety, mix the energy with that of a diety for healing purposes, or more adroitly harness the energy of whatever diety you’re interested in.

I concur. I adopted reiki initially to learn to improve my distance game in general.

One thing I dont entirely agree with:

I’ve certainly had good beneficial reiki outcomes working on people who didn’t know I was doing it, but not always. I agree that for it to work people must accept it in, but in my experience it doesn’t have to be consciously. I think they can unconsciously accept it in.

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