Using meat as an offering amazing results, I feel positive high vibrational bean, Just won a debate against a spoiled child in a calm and calculated way

I feel blessed I’ve never felt this good in my life, I feel like I have discipline in term of my bulking, Use food as an offering to high frequency spirits and try that for your selves, Another characteristic I have noticed that all of my emotional blockage are gone, How ? why? I don’t know but I just started two days ago using This offering and I feel amazing, Just wow no others words to describe it, Maybe it’s just my personal experience use it with Lucifer and see what happens :wink::face_with_monocle:


Did you use raw meat? Would you be comfortable sharing details of the ritual.

I have sacrificed many animals to Belial and I leave the bodies in a old graveyard


That does sound wonderful indeed.

And I second Lotuslouvena, out of curiosity - would you mind sharing the details of how you performed said offering?


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I have already and ok, Misunderstood

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I’m using Cooked Meat it doesn’t really matter honestly, You can use different types of meat such as chicken, Etc, The visualization part is the key for me just imagine the energy of the meet charging the entity light a candle and get into a trans about your intention I’m using a sweet ketchup as well to welcome them, I’m empowering them basically with my imagination and the energy charged in the meat, Just like a sacrifice but it’s much less harmless and quie positive you will notice almost immediately change and transformation about your energy and vibrations, The techniques are depending on your magic system, Just like salt I’m using sweet Spices in addition to the meat, Sincerely can’t believe how effective that is.


Yep meat and blood succeed where other techniques fail sometimes x


That does sound intriguing. I will have to try it myself now!

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A vibrating bean giving you pleasure :thinking:

Jokes aside, another thing you could do is use your offerings to control the particular manifestation of the spirit, such as giving them hot and spicy food to make them “hotter” and more aggressive, you could do it to yourself too to make changes, for example offering your own spirit honey to make yourself sweeter.