Using magick to make them fitness gains

Has anyone asked for help from a specific deity to help them witnh their fitness journey?

Since magick works best when you put your effort into it in the mundane, or so Im told, using another world entity to help when you are already doing the heavy lifting, literally, seems like it would have even greater success. Any stories from my new BALG friends?


Try Marbas for help in healing injuries. I have had issues with my left shoulder in the past and when I started I did an evocation of Marbas for something unrelated. Later on I was lifting weights and pulled the muscles in my shoulder. Expected to wake up stiff and sore and pretty much have limited mobility in my torso and neck as I had done many times before. Apart from it being a tiny little bit sore the next morning there were none of the symptoms I expected. Gains are exponential since then. I did twice the number of reps the next time then 3 times (5, 10, then 15). I cut 8 seconds off two consecutive runs, my second run being yesterday.
Hail Marbas! You rock!


I haven’t asked any deities. But I have done meditation where I focused on the solar plexus chakras, the seat of Qi, and pushed the energy through my body, into my muscles. The effects were noticeable within a very short period of time.

After I did that, I spoke with some Qi masters and the consensus is that it does work but you need to augment it with actual physical exercise.


Rock on! I could see why the potential for muscle growth is great since we are tearing muscles and rebuilding. Thank you, Shadowmage. I will start researching on Marbas.

Awesome! Thank you for chiming in @levilevi. I am not heavy in the usage of chakras yet but I will put that into practice.

Renach tasa uberace biasa icar Marbas is the enn or chant you want to use. His sigil is readily available doing a search on google.


I know E.A Koetting said that Azazel told him to get back in the gym because he needed to be stronger physically. He’s actually told me the same thing too lol.


There is a spirit of Mars in the book Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos that can be very helpful with fitness goals according to his description


That is my goal as well. Need to keep the Body strong to keep up with the Mind and Spirit.

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Did Azazel mention helping with this to you? Thanks for posting!

I will take a look into this book. Thanks!

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Thank you for the enn. I will seek the sigil online.

No I don’t think he did.

I find that I get rid of stress, I just have to be careful because I tend to push more than is advisable and do damage


Dont be ashamed to pick up the lighter weights. My shoulder is sensitive after being dislocated years ago. If it says stop, I fuggin’ stop. Some days I have to put down the 25s and pick up the 10s. Slow gains are better than none.

My trouble is I don’t feel it until it happens, and then it’s too late. I get a mild feeling at first and I stop but damage is done.

Oh I see what you mean. Are you doing high weight, low reps? I find low weight, high reps is what keeps me in the game with low chance of injury. I can probably use the 40s to curl at this rate but I havent tried because I am doing low weights, high rep

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It all depends what you want to do as well. I have put on a bit of weight at the moment so I am wanting to do more cardio. I use weights to increase muscle mass slightly because more muscle = more kj used = more effective cardio. Although the most effective cardio isn’t in any exercise book I know of

Oh yeah. I am doing lean muscle to get myself into shape and then I will use high weight, low reps to start building on the serious muscle. I do intervals for cardio since I have no one to help me with the night time cardio hah.

I did the high rep low weight but I have time restraints as well. Adding in my daily stuff for evocation etc. takes time so I just have to do high weight low rep