Using magick to make them fitness gains

Oh I hear ya. I work out during lunch so my workouts are confined to 45 minutes and a shower. I have some cables at home I will use on my off days. Stay safe and go get it!

Ah lunch, that was my cardio time

Ill tell you what though…I sure miss pizza. Yogurt is alright…pizza is better.

The spirit’s name is Sartmulu and you might be able to find his sigil online.

From Summoning Spirits: “Sartmulu can teach you how to exercise your body physically
and magically to become strong and healthy. People who aspire to become
weight lifters or bodybuilders will be very pleased with the results of working
with this benevolent entity.”


Absolutely groovus, DarkestKnight! I will need to start writing all this fantastic stuff down.

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Pizza is healthy. You have meat if you want, veg, dairy (you can use low fat if you want). Just make your own and don’t use oil.


That is actually on my to-do list this weekend. Fresh dough and all.

I have not worked with any spirits for gainz but I can share my experiences. Trance state while training is the key. It can push you through plateaus like drugs.

I am a former amateur power lifter. When I was 25 years old I could not push or pull what I could at 33, and the key was a focused trance while training. Now, bear in mind I took 8 years off from any gym in between those times, so I did not have the benefit of long term progress.

You ever listen to Scwartznegger talk about the ‘mind muscle connection’? That’s what it is. Get into a focused trance state, almost as if going into an evocation. Instead of manifesting an entity you are manifesting the next rep, the next breath; you are feeling the tear with only the knowledge that it is making you stronger. You hunger after breaking the next plateau as if it is the attainment of the next level of consciousness. It carries out of training, too. When you eat your meals you are actually feeling the synthesis of muscle that follows. You feel the nutrients flooding the muscles with that good blood, and you know you are becoming stronger, faster, more durable. Every movement brings you closer to the unique Nirvana that only the attainment of physical perfection can bestow.

Anyways, when I took this approach I had people accusing me of steroid use after 6 months and I was not even using creatine. I was fucking huge and as strong as I looked. And it is awesome. I don’t remember which ancient Greek of note said it but it was something to the effect of “no man should live his life without knowing the extent of physical perfection they can achieve”.

Get into a trance state when you train; you will make all kinds of gainzzzzz…

Wow. Talk about synchronicity. My buddy who is training me said we were supposed to discuss that earlier today. Thank you for the awesome experience, Woodsman. For some reason I really hated turning 35 so I wanted to look way more awesome than I ever have and working out is my new drug.


That’s fantastic, and it is one of the best drugs available. The funny thing about hitting mid-thirties is psychologically we perceive the passage of time but our bodies are in their prime. You might not produce as much overall test as when you are 20, and it is harder to get rid of fat, but in terms of musculature that is when you are most capable. I think a lot of it has to do with the psychology of life experience. Take a look at most modern athletes; in terms of explosive muscle action the 20-somethings take the cake, but in terms of physique and asthetics it is the guys in their prime nearly every time. At 35 it is just a matter of taking what is yours. .

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That losing fat part is right. My midsection is hiding my abs from me but they are coming out after about four months. I am in the best shape I have been in my life, eating cleaner than ever and I am going to take the life I want instead of blindly hoping. Thank you again for sharing your experience and knowledge here.

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Have you worked intermittent fasting into your routine? I have done this for a few years now and it has been amazing for my health and magickal practice. I am also of a large build naturally and it is the only way I have found to keep from holding fat. I am prone to sugar crashes randomly, and it helps control it. Nothing quite screws up a ritual or daily life like a sugar crash. Also, the regimented idea kind of frees your mind in a counter-intuitive way. I think Anton LaVey said something about nothing giving a man the same boost quite like confidence in his physical appearance.

Plus all that BS about going catabolic after 4 hours is exactly that: BS. If you are taking in the right sources of nutrients on a 12 hour on, 12 hour off eating basis it should have zero effect on your progress if you are listening to your body in terms of timing your training and calorie intake.

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No, I have not worked intermittent fasting into it but it intrigues me. I forget to eat sometimes anyway so a 12 on 12 off cycle would not be too much of a stretch for me. Ive gone 24 hours then realize “Oh shit I need to eat”. I am quirky like that. I have been receiving compliments on my appearance…awkwardly it is by other dudes but a compliment is a compliment. Appreciate you dropping that knowledge bomb on me as I have entertained the idea of fasting for magickal and mundane purposes. Anton LaVey had some great insights regardless of who said it.

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I eat what I want when I want and I look better at my age than some who are 10 years younger


Now you are just bragging to brag haha.

Nah just good genes. Mum is 64 and looks better than ones 15 years her junior. I kept getting asked for id til I turned 25 almost

There’s a whole Fitness thread where the forum members did a lot of workings towards physical fitness.

I would recommend Mars, he’s a good at drawing your potential to the max.


Use the magic your body already has. Ketosis man/woman

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Thank you for joining the friendly banter Aluriel. I will look into the thread for further ideas. Thank you for the recommendation, as well! I have so many great sources to pull from thanks to you great peoples.

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Thanks, Serpent, for sharing your knowledge with us. I just read a bit about ketosis and it sounds rather interesting. Have you taken part in a ketosis diet? Any spectacular experiences? And it is man, for the record.