Using Angels In Demonic Evocation

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@tonypigott I don’t know why Gordon chose the word “constrain”, but you aren’t being a King Solomon asshole and binding them, tricking them, threatening them, or anything of the sort. Remember what’s in the book : “Respect the demon and it’s power”, the archangels are there to pave the way for the demon without scaring it off, the demon’s corresponding angels strengthen the working and will not judge what you are doing ( even if you’re death hexing a guy ), the angels help focus guide the demon to act in the most insightful and best ways. I use that system as well and it’s the one that resonates best for me personally, and gives me the best results.

With that said, demons ( or any spirit ) can be dangerous

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I understand the Shem angel system and I don’t personally use it. I’m satisfied with the results I’m getting. It’s just whatever method your comfortable with and more importantly gives results.

@Mike_Bee Many ways to do evocation and, as you say, it’s up to what you’re most comfortable with and gives you the best results. What system do you use, if I may ask?

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I learned from the western ceremonial Solomonic school of thought originally. With time and experimentation my methods have changed and evolved. I still use the the circle and triangle method of evocation. My influences were lon milo duquette, Crowley, poke runyon, regardie, Bardon, ect.

If your asking for methodology my methods are simple and straightforward these days. I don’t incorporate Shem angels out of personal preference. There are however some spirits of the Goetia that I’ve evoked and decided that if I ever employed that particular spirit I would infact use the shem for safety and collateral damage management.

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