Used a sigil for the first time

Yesterday afternoon I tried using a sigil for the first time, I first tried to make contact with Sitri, with that not working I tried to make contact with Beleth shortly after, I was gazing (or least I hope I was) at their sigils through my monitor, again, nothing, but when I tried Sitri, I sometimes saw the sigil “flash” I’m not sure if it was working, or if my monitor refresh rate is acting up again. Any tips?


If you see the sigil flash, it’s being charged. Which is the gateway and call for them to come. Also, were you repeating their names and telling them to come?

You probably did evoke one of them. But if you are just starting out, getting the messages or feeling their presence is not always easy because your astral senses haven’t been used since you were a kid for most. The rule of thumb is to always treat the ritual as if it worked. From what I have read from multiple magicians, is to never summon a demon and no give it a task to do. Also did you dismiss it? Likely not. Be sure to always give them a task and to dismiss them. If they potentially do things to prove their existence, it may not play out well for you. Try again and give them a task.

Are you meditating before you charge the sigil?


Write the sigil on paper


I have a quest… Is it better to draw the sigil with the circle and name or just inside like the 1st picture


Sigils are supposed to partially fade, flash, get blurry or otherwise morph when being concentrated upon, so it’s good you have been able to do that. If the sigil stayed unmoving or unaltered, that would be a poor sign. You should at the least feel an energy change.

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can someone please answer

There’s no law that says the circle around a sigil is mandatory. I agree with what was said before, what matters is whether or not you’re able to gaze in a way that allows it to open up. Try looking up at the point where the wall meets the ceiling. Move your gaze back to where it is slightly blurry. Keep it like that. When you begin to see “static rain” that is the way you should gaze at the sigil.


I have no issues gazing, all I wanted to know was if the circle is mandatory because I already had success with a circled one but something in my gut tells me I don’t need all that

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Trust yourself


Then go by that gut. Progress is stepping out of boundaries.

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Meditating no, how would I go about it?

Not better either way. Its just preference

Ok so youre a big novice. All good. Before you bother with most of the things here the first thing you will need to do is sack up and start reading books. If you’re not meditating you wont go very far in this lifestyle. Its that gym for the mind and the foundation of 95% of the craziness the BALG fam discusses lol. My reference is “the compleat magickal path”… you can get that one on kindle for like 5 bucks.


Is that Wicca or wiccan based?

Honestly i have no clue. I havent read it in a long time but he gives you the perfect beginners exercises to learn how to meditate then practice magickal skill. He does not not lay down three fold rules and etc.

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I don’t know. Maybe others use the sigil through their computer screen and it may work for them, so if I am wrong I am sorry. HOWEVER. That said I will insert my two cents worth…

This path is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the lazy. When working with these entities you have to DO things… I am going to try to help you. I am going to talk to you like one of the gods/demons you are calling on.

If you call on me and you do not have an offering, nor have you don’t ANY preparation I am probably going to blow you off and walk away. If I am in a pissy mood you may wish I just walked away. Do not call me from what I am doing when you are not willing to do research or make any effort at all towards your goal. I am not a lottery machine for lazy humans nor am I the proverbial Jinn in a bottle.

If you want to work with these ancient powerful beings you need to study first. You need to do the work necessary to be able to interact with them. (meditation being very important) When you call on them know what they like, DRAW the sigil on paper or aluminum and do feed or charge it with blood. I always put blood on my sigils. They do not run off of nothing and it is an offering to who you are calling. If it is your first meeting then think of them as an important person you are inviting to your house. You would not invite a guest of importance without having some refreshments, would you? A repairman probably gets offered a glass of water. Right? So how are you going to try to call one of the Dark Lords or demon and not have even the inclination to put the energy it takes to DRAW the sigil into this meeting? I am not yelling at you. I am just not sugar coating my words either. I would not be helping you to just say oh they always come and you are doing a great job! Keep it up! I am going to tell you the truth. I hope it didn’t come off as too harsh but playing with fire the wrong way is going to get you burned.

So y’all got me curious and I had to try using the sigil on my phone to see if it worked and what I thought about it. I have to say, much to my surprise it DOES work!! Holy shitballs!! So, I am sorry for being so old school and ya know, OLD…that I think only the old ways work and this new stuff is for the birds!! You have taught me a lesson! Yes. I am a quill and parchment snob!! But I have mended my ways and tried the phone… I am sorry to say I broke down and wrote the sigil out and put my blood on it ANYWAY, but baby steps!!! BABY. STEPS!!!


I’m not 100% sure but I think the circle may be just for a convient place to put the name. Or it is used for the Goetia methods of evocation, such as binding the demon, threats etc. I haven’t tried it without the circle myself and I don’t see any problem with it nor have I heard complaints from entities

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It is not essential, just helpful for some.

No, names have power, even when written down., Even if you are coming from the new wave “it’s all psychology” school of thought the name is a visual trigger.

You probably won’t. IMO the circle and written name are for your benefit; the spirit is quite capable without it.


Straight forward and blunt, the way i prefer it! Thanks !


Personally i have researched that the circle around the sigil is a way of binding much like a protection circle i find it insulting but i think it is preference if your intentions are respectful

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