Use Of Hoʻoponopono-Inspired Method

I’ve started a new thread so as to not take the one linked below too far off topic:

The version I use (found online ages ago) is this:

I Bless you
I Love you
I Appreciate you
I’m Sorry
Thank you

Acronym = BLAST.

How does this fit with being a badass black magician?

Because if, on some level, you are ALSO the Living God manifesting your own reality, then you have in some way created the vexatious person or situation now manifest in your life, or at least, failed to create a better person or different situation. It happens.

So, by working through this (and really feeling those five key elements Bless, Love, etc, with as much intensity as you can summon for one brief moment) you untangle the GodYou who’s spewing this forth into creation, thus untangling the “What you do to another, you do to yourself since we are all One” thing - which is both true, and, drastically unhelpful if you see people doing things on this fine old planet that you happen not to like. :slight_smile:

Think of it as Third Eye Lens Clearance, so you can acknowledge BOTH sides of the Divine Paradox: that the infinite All witnesses the universe as a dream; the finite (us) witnesses the universe as real.

To think as God is to be in a state of detached “mountain-top consciousness” where all is perfected, all is self-created, which is incompatible with everyday life and everyday consciousness with desires, hopes, etc., and simply existing in an ordinary state where other people are not just your imaginary puppets.

To peform a BLAST on “enemies” or things you just don’t like is to acknowledge that highest level of reality.

Then, go ahead and burn them into ashes, massacre their teddy bears, and salt the earth, with a light heart and a merry tune on your lips! :wink:

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Then, go ahead and burn them into ashes, massacre their teddy bears, and salt the earth, with a light heart and a merry tune on your lips! ;)

Wow. Never wanna piss you off. :slight_smile:

I’m a total pussycat, and I wasn’t saying that in any “get me I’m hard” way or anything, I truly prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, because most of us are just doing our honest best to make sense of shit, with the tools we have to hand. :slight_smile:

I’m the same way, Eva. I was just giving you shit because I love your wicked sense of humor. :slight_smile:

Cool, didn’t wany anyone clutching their pearls and going “Ermahgerd she’s gonna to KILL ME because (insert lame reason)”!!

Btw, edited the title of this thread to better reflect that this is a method I found that’s inspired by Hoʻoponopono - not the real deal. More kind of a New Thought/L.o.A. spin on it, I guess, because they have some cool ways of bridging the Divine Paradox. :slight_smile:

Haha, that’s what I asked myself when I found this first time.

By the way, very interesting method and I’m going to try this in future. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us!