Urine jar spell

I have been trying to educate myself about rituals and spells. A lot of it is just personal curiosity into how this universe works.

I have been reading people’s posts about spells and came across a jar urine spell but I’m very confused as to in what context this would be used.

It is used to dominate someone who doesn’t like you or used to dominate someone who does like you?

Anyone used it and for what purpose and what was the outcome?


I’ve heard mixed things about urine in jar spells.

I heard it can be used as cleansing or something, but yeah also dominating.

I’d like to see what other people have to say about it.


Depends on how you perceive it. How you enchant it. Salt is salt until you place it in your hands and tell it what its power is.


You must be talking about a Witches Bottle this helps with all manner of spells and castings. Below are some great links that may help give you the information you need.