Urine jar spell

I have been trying to educate myself about rituals and spells. A lot of it is just personal curiosity into how this universe works.

I have been reading people’s posts about spells and came across a jar urine spell but I’m very confused as to in what context this would be used.

It is used to dominate someone who doesn’t like you or used to dominate someone who does like you?

Anyone used it and for what purpose and what was the outcome?


I’ve heard mixed things about urine in jar spells.

I heard it can be used as cleansing or something, but yeah also dominating.

I’d like to see what other people have to say about it.


Depends on how you perceive it. How you enchant it. Salt is salt until you place it in your hands and tell it what its power is.


Can I do a urine domination jar for love any moon period or does it has to be waxing moon?

New & Waxing Moon: manifest new beginnings, attract people/situations, enhacements, growth

Full & Waning Moon: curses, pushing people/situations away, getting rid of things

It’s not really necessary for jar spells, but it can help. Same as doing love workings on Fridays. You can do it on a Saturday, but I’d advise against it.

urine is used mostly in curses or bindings.
spit might be better for love spells.

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Urine jar spells are usually love spells. (Why, I don’t know, sounds weird to me but ok.)
If you do an internet search and the top results are all about love spells using urine and sugar. A lot of them are from people offering services to do it for you so I can’t link them here per forum rules about promoting 3rd party sites. Some are just clickbait.

Here’s an example, paraphrased with my notes in [] … tbh it looks like the "active ingredient is actually the sugar, making this a variant of the Honey Jar spell? :thinking:

Love Spell with Urine and Sugar

The purpose of sugar is to sweeten the relationship.

  • A glass or plastic container (of small size) with a cover [I think a grocery store herb jar would work well)
  • Your lover’s photo (small to fit the container)
  • Your own urine [Some require your partners urine.]
  • Some sugar [maybe a teaspoon].

Put your lover’s photo into the container. With your partner’s photo still inside, fill the container with your urine, making sure it covers your partner’s photo. Set you intention that you have a complete and full love.

Add the sugar and cover it.

Bury the jar. The purpose of burying it is to make sure that the sacrifice is not exposed to sunlight, as this will neutralize the whole effect of the work. [You could also put it at the back of a dark place in the house, like the linen cupboard.]

You know, what’s missing from this spell is the actual working itself! :smiley: Magick isn’t automatic, you have to do the work to make these things magickal.

So, WHILE you’re doing all that, the most important part is to have your mind fully focused on the loving outcome you want to have as if it was real right now. Imagine all the cool things about being in this relationship as if you already had it, all your emotions, all your dreams and expectations of where it was going. Play your favourite song that reminds you of the dream on repeat if it helps, keep that focus until the jar is put away.
If you bury it, or when you put it away, make sure you walk away without looking back, this shows yourself and the universe you completely trust the spirits that this is going to work and you don’t need to think about it any more.

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I have left fermented bottles of piss for malicious landlords/ladlady’s to find. Have even left a fish tilapia filet in a blocked off closet directly on the carpet. A steak under the mattress does the trick too. I have had people ask me through others in fear whether or not these things I left were part of a spell and I have told them truthfully they are not, its merely for my amusement. lol